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75% of Industrial IoT Projects Never Make it to Market. Make Yours the Exception.


Use Cases

Card - Brochure - Industrial IoT for Air Compressors Everything You Need to Know in 5 Mins

Compressed Air

The Industrial IoT is uncovering new opportunities in the air compressor market, providing manufacturers with new capabilities to increase revenue and enable cost savings. Remote sensing coupled with technological innovations in machine data processing can now produce smarter machine data, giving manufacturers meaningful insights and actionable intelligence on their air compressors.

Card-WP-Industrial Washing Machine

Washing Machines

Commercial washing machine providers are using the Industrial IoT (IIoT) to expand their businesses. They are leveraging data, generated by machines in the field, to make services a significant revenue stream. New, value-added services such as real-time monitoring, remote troubleshooting, and predictive maintenance help equipment makers set themselves apart from the competition and generate recurring revenues that buffer their business against times of economic uncertainty.

Card - WP - Connected Industrial Purifiers

Industrial Purifiers

Manufacturers of air and water purifiers rely on IoT to remotely monitor their machines, streamline maintenance, and enhance their customer value proposition. Benefits of connected Industrial Purifiers include better data-driven decision-making, a shift to predictive maintenance, generating recurring revenue, and better compliance with regulatory requirements.

Without Sierra Wireless Octave, it would have taken two more years to complete our IoT project.

Pierre-André Galy
CEO and Co-Founder


The Atlas Copco Story: Connecting Air Compressors to the Cloud

Find out how Atlas Copco, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of air compressors, partnered with Semtech to support its remote monitoring service – SMARTLINK.

Leverage Data to Find Efficiencies and Drive Revenue

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Remote Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Be more responsive with round-the-clock monitoring and remote diagnostics. Always-on IoT operation, with persistent connectivity, means you’re always in the loop. The ability to interact with machines and troubleshoot problems – without sending someone for an onsite check – saves everyone time and money.

Optimized-Productivity icon

Equipment as a Service

Don’t limit your business model by selling your industrial equipment as a one-time capital expense. Realtime monitoring of your industrial equipment enables you to maximize revenue and stay ahead of the curve: Charge customers for using your industrial equipment under a subscription model, activate premium service tiers and other value-added services.

Repair-Warranty icon

From Preventive Maintenance to Predictive Maintenance

Enhance your services and drive significant cost savings by turning your preventative maintenance service into predictive maintenance. Prevent downtime at the customer site and optimize the utilization of spare parts and maintenance personnel by accurately predicting when and which parts need to be serviced. Reduce maintenance costs by doing away with scheduled visits, and dispatch maintenance personnel on an as-needed-basis.

Smart Capabilities icon

Unlock Valuable Insights with Data Analytics

Make better decisions by using real-time data to identify trends. Help your customers yield insights that increase efficiency, save energy, and reduce operating costs. Unearth strategic customer insights to drive product and service innovations.

Simplify and Scale Your Industrial IoT Transformation

Whether you want an all-in-one Industrial IoT solution or build your own solution, we offer a range of choices to bring your Industrial IoT application to market.

Use our all-in-one edge-to-cloud solution, to connect your industrial assets to the cloud. Octave integrates all the components of your Industrial IoT infrastructure into one solution so you no longer have to build your IIoT application from scratch.

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Our innovative solutions and services already connect thousands of businesses to critical data. We develop leading technology solutions that empower industries to simplify their Industrial IoT transformation.
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