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The Industrial IoT is uncovering new opportunities in the air compressor market, providing manufacturers with new capabilities to increase revenue and enable cost savings. Remote sensing coupled with technological innovations in machine data processing can now produce smarter machine data, giving manufacturers meaningful insights and actionable intelligence on their air compressors.

With predictive maintenance, manufacturers can prevent downtime at their customer’s factory by anticipating needs for repair and fixing their air compressors before there is any chance of equipment failure. The availability of smart data from air compressors allows manufacturers to add new layers to their existing business models: Instead of selling air compressors as a one-time capital expense alone, they can offer data-driven services and charge customers for using the air compressors under a subscription model.

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Increase Revenue & Enable Cost Savings with New Capabilities and Services

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Deliver New Services for a Better Customer Experience

The availability of smart data from air compressors allows manufacturers to generate valuable intelligence on the operations of their compressors, which can be used to offer new services to their customers. These value additions empower manufacturers to extend their relationships with their customers and acquire an edge over their competitors.

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Reduce Downtime and Generate Cost Savings with Predictive Maintenance

IIoT-enabled predictive maintenance allows manufacturers to prevent production downtime at their customers’ factories by accurately predicting when and which parts need to be serviced, thereby eliminating any chance of equipment failure. Additionally, the availability of smart data from their air compressors enables manufacturers to further reduce maintenance costs by doing away with scheduled visits, and dispatching maintenance personnel, instead, on an as-needed-basis.

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Unlock New Business Opportunities with Air as a Service (AaaS)

The Industrial IoT creates new opportunities for service-based business models. Technology empowers manufacturers to offer air compressors not as a capital expense but under a subscription model wherein they are installed for a nominal fee and then paid for over time based on usage.

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Track Energy Consumption for Efficiency and Compliance

The Industrial IoT allows manufacturers to acquire valuable data on energy consumption, find efficiencies and take appropriate steps; for instance, they may find that a large air compressor produces a higher volume of compressed air than two smaller compressors by consuming the same amount of energy. Finding opportunities to increase efficiency and limit energy consumption will lead to lower carbon emissions, in compliance with environmental guidelines and regulations.


Air Compressors in the Age of Industrial IoT: Competitive Advantages and New Business Models

The global industrial air compressor market is growing at a compound annual rate of 3.65%, with analysts predicting that the market would be larger than $40 billion by 2025. For industrial air compressor manufacturers, there is tremendous room for growth, and opportunities to grab a bigger share of the global market; however, the global decline in the prices of component parts, new regulatory requirements, changes in customer expectations, and other factors, have made the market more competitive.

Manufacturers are under increasing pressure to stand out from the competition by differentiating their offerings, exploring the Industrial IoT as a market differentiator. Industrial IoT projects, however, have proven to be difficult to pull off, with over 50% of such projects aborted, or stuck in their initial stages. Semtech has commissioned a whitepaper analyzing IIoT trends in the industrial air compressor market and examining how manufacturers are circumventing blockers in their IIoT development.

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Connecting Industrial Air Compressors

Semtech (formerly Sierra Wireless) brings 25 years of experience managing connected device technology. In our years of experience helping companies deploy Industrial IoT applications, we’ve developed a clear view of what works and what’s to be avoided. Our end-to-end solutions dramatically reduce IoT deployment times, even for projects operating on a global scale. We have extensive experience with the world’s leading industrial air compressor manufacturers, and we offer a full solution set to support your needs at all layers of the IoT stack including:

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Our pre-certified wireless solutions, expert professional services, and strong relationships with the world’s leading wireless carriers accelerate network certification and integration. We help customers deploy new applications in weeks instead of months.

By starting with Semtech, companies manufacturing commercial washing machines can be confident they’ll create an IoT deployment that offers the right combination of simplicity, security, and scalability – all while triggering a transition from product-based to service-based offerings.


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