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Connect Your Industrial Purifiers to the Cloud

Connected Industrial Purifiers: Opportunities & Benefits

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Data-Driven Decision-Making

Industrial purifier vendors will be in a better position to make critical decisions such as when to change filters and how to optimize energy costs when they are armed with real-time data on the performance of their air and water purifiers. Because this data is still largely collected manually, it is often out-of-date and subject to human error.

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Shift from Preventative to Predictive Maintenance

Instead of scheduling routine maintenance visits, industrial purifier vendors can take a more predictive approach to maintenance. Connected industrial purifiers can relay real-time data on their status and working condition, so that vendors can deploy maintenance personnel to take corrective action before a filter has worn out or an internal component fails. The availability of this data lets vendors optimize maintenance operations by dispatching technicians to a customer site only when a visit is required.

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Recurring Revenue

Real-time data extracted from industrial purifiers enables vendors to add new layers to their existing business models and gives them an opportunity to generate recurring revenue. For instance, instead of selling an industrial purifier as a one-time capital expense, the vendor can offer data-driven services and charge customers for using their industrial purifiers under a subscription model. Vendors can also consider offering a premium service to customers wherein customers can access a real-time dashboard on water and air quality.

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Regulatory Compliance

Connected industrial purifiers can relay critical data on air and water purification at customer sites. By providing access to this data, industrial purifier vendors can reassure customers that their industrial purifiers are complying with regulatory requirements. Further, this data on air and water quality can be used as a system of record to pass regulatory audits.

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Connected Industrial Purifiers: How the Industrial IoT is Enhancing Air and Water Purification

Given their widespread use in a variety of contexts (from production plants to food manufacturing processes to municipal water treatment and warehousing), industrial air and water purifiers will inevitably need to be connected and monitored remotely.

How this Company Connected its Air Cleaners to the Cloud

Founded over two decades ago, this company provides some of the world’s largest companies with solutions to control indoor environments and air quality. These solutions are deployed in a variety of settings, ranging from production plants in heavy industry to warehouses in global logistics.

Find out how this company connected its air cleaners to the cloud so that it could obtain real-time data on its units, improve its services, and acquire an edge over its competitors.

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How a Major Water Treatment Company Built a Remote Monitoring Application

The customer, a large multinational company and a major player in water treatment, provides equipment that is used in municipal water treatment, manufacturing, laboratories, the beverage industry, etc. It wanted to build a remote monitoring application to support its online service that enables its customers to monitor the quality of water and improve their water purification process.

Find out how the company extracts data from its equipment and sends it to the cloud, where it can be accessed by its customers.

Simplify and Scale Your Industrial IoT Transformation

Whether you want an all-in-one Industrial IoT solution or build your own solution, we offer a range of choices to bring your Industrial IoT application to market.

Use our all-in-one edge-to-cloud solution, to connect your industrial assets to the cloud. Octave integrates all the components of your Industrial IoT infrastructure into one solution so you no longer have to build your IIoT application from scratch.

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