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In this podcast from EVs4Everyone, Raphael Atayi, Partnerships and Solutions Director at Semtech, explores the crucial role of connectivity and uptime in public EV charging infrastructure. Tune in to learn how to elevate your EV charging strategy from a true industry expert.
The Real Reason Why Public Charging is Broken
In this podcast, we focus on design considerations for secure cellular router deployments. We cover how these deployments are different and similar from traditional fixed enterprise networks, and how you maintain a consistent security posture across your infrastructure and WAN connections. Listen to the podcast now!
Secure Network Design for Cellular Router Deployments
In this episode, we discuss what customers should look for from vendors, in their security management practices. We cover questions such as - what processes, procedures and policies should vendors have in place? How should vendors respond to security incidents? Listen to the podcast now!
Infosec Security Management Policies and Procedures
This podcast discusses some of the security capabilities Sierra Wireless puts in place to build a defense-in-depth architecture. We discuss what an end-to-end security architecture means, AirLink router security, as well as secure management. Listen to the podcast now!
Defense-in-Depth and AirLink® Security

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