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IoT technologies are transforming healthcare like never before! Semtech offers a wide range of connectivity modules, routers, mobile network services, and turnkey smart sensing solutions. Watch this video to see how Semtech can simplify your digital transformation journey.
Connect Healthcare Solutions with Reliable Global Connectivity and Smart Sensing
Explore how Semtech's AirLink® routers and AirLink® Management Service are revolutionizing daily operations and safety for the North Platte Police Department.
North Platte Police Department's Wireless Technology Journey
Discover how the Rosebud Sioux Tribe Police Department revolutionized their operations with Semtech AirLink® router solutions and Brite's expert support.
Rosebud Sioux Tribe Police Department's Wireless Technology Journey
Watch Captain A.J. Mathewson and Officer Brian Andreas from the Lorain Police Department share how Semtech AirLink® router solutions, with Brite's support, revolutionized their daily work.
Lorain Police Department's Wireless Technology Journey
In this video, learn how the combination of NB-IoT and Non Terrestrial Network (NTN) technologies enables your assets to stay connected, virtually anywhere on the planet, without the need for costly proprietary systems.
Asset Tracking Made Easy, Globally
In this video Semtech's Tim Adams presents the key features of the world's smallest rugged 5G router, new from Semtech.
Unboxing - AirLink® XR60 World's Smallest Rugged 5G Router

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