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IoT Modules & Solutions that Deliver Best-in-Class Capabilities

  NEW   – HL781x LPWA modules now support Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN) for uninterrupted global connectivity.  Learn more →

Available IoT Modules and Gateways

EM Series-Red M - 5G-150x150 copy
Broadband edge modules

High Bandwidth. High Performance. Low Latency.

EM and MC Series standards-based connectorized modules in Mini Card and M.2 form factors providing connectivity to the world’s fastest 5G and 4G networks.

RC Series Modules
WP Series White Modules Legato
Performance Edge Modules

Rich Set of Edge and Cloud APIs. Optional Edge Processing and embedded SIM.

RC Series of embedded modules offers essential connectivity.

WP Series modules come with a Cortex-A processor running the Legato® application framework.

HL78 module

Low Power. Small Footprint. Deep Coverage.

HL78 Series of LPWA modules offer best-in-class power efficiency and coverage to ensure field longevity for your battery-powered and low power deployments.


Highly Programmable. Extensible. Small and Rugged.

FX30 and GL gateways are secure IoT gateways designed to connect to an industrial IoT system and quickly provide cellular connectivity to the cloud. The gateways are easy to integrate and pre-certified to enable faster deployment.


Benefits of using our Modules or Gateways

Simplify Integration

  • Eliminate certification delays
  • Simple edge & cloud API
  • Embedded SIM with optional IoT Connectivity services
  • Plug your device and play in the cloud

Extend Product Scalability

  • Global modules to deploy anywhere
  • Common Flexible Form Factor CF3®
  • Trusted partner with over almost 30 years of experience

Reduce Security Risks

  • Secure credentials and edge-to-cloud security
  • Security experts driving standard and best practices
  • Transparent vulnerability and risks management

Find the Right IoT Module or Gateway for Your Project

Form Factor
Primary Wireless Technology
IoT - Primary Wireless Technology
Special Features
IoT - Special Features
IoT - Region
S - HL79-Teal M-SIM
HL7900 Global 5G LPWA Module: Ultra-low Power, Future-Ready Connectivity Made Easy
RC71 Cat-1 bis-4G-White M-SIM
RC7120 IoT Module
Optimized Cat-1bis LTE connectivity for the EMEA and APAC
RC71 Cat-1 bis-4G-White M-SIM
RC7110 IoT Module
Optimized Cat-1bis LTE connectivity for the Americas
EM Series regular white
EM7595 LTE Advanced Pro Cat-12 Module
Reliable 4G LTE Advanced Pro Cat-12 module global connectivity with 3G fallback
EM Series regular white
EM7590 LTE-Advanced Pro Module
Reliable 4G LTE Advanced Pro Cat-13 module global connectivity with 3G fallback.
EM Series-Red M - 5G-150x150 copy
EM9291 5G NR Sub-6 GHz Module
Optimized 5G NR performance for applications requiring Gibabit speed, the EM9291 module is part of the EM Series offering global 5G connectivity.
EM Series-Red M - 5G-150x150 copy
EM9190 5G NR Sub-6 GHz and mmWave Module
Deploy next-generation products with a global module that supports 5G NR, as well as low and high power mmWave antenna modules
EM Series-Red M - 5G-150x150 copy
EM9191 5G NR Sub-6 GHz Module
Optimized 5G NR performance for broad coverage applications with a simple upgrade path to mmWave
EM Series regular white
EM7690 Cat-20 LTE-Advanced Pro Module
Future-proof your devices with a 3GPP Rel-15 compliant global module with up to 2 Gbps download speed

Frequently Asked Questions

A module aimed at manufacturers of devices for the Internet of Things. As wireless communication technologies become ubiquitous and reliable, many products have integrated an IoT module to enable data exchange between the device and the application hosted in the cloud or on an enterprise server. In addition to business applications, enterprises can use the connection to remotely monitor and manage connected devices.

A module that enables cellular connectivity for the device its integrated into. Cellular Modules come pre-certified with Industry, Regulatory and Mobile operator approvals making it easy for device makers to incorporate into their designs.

Cellular IoT modules enable devices to communicate with other devices and applications on the Internet via the cellular networks. At the heart of a cellular module is a cellular chipset and associated software. It also contains memory, a power supply connector, an antenna connector and other peripherals needed in a cellular RF design. It may be equipped with optional functional blocks such as an integrated microcontroller, GNSS transceiver and embedded SIM to simplify the overall product design and reduce component costs. Before a cellular module can be deployed and connected to a commercial network, it must be certified by industry, regulators and mobile operators. A fully certified module makes it easy for device manufacturers to incorporate cellular connectivity into their product designs without having to have much experience with cellular design.

A cellular module that supports Long Term Evolution (LTE) cellular technology as defined by 3GPP. LTE is a 4G cellular technology and includes 4G LTE and its evolutions namely LTE Advanced and LTE Advanced Pro. These evolutions offer higher data speeds. LTE modules are suitable for applications that require high-speed or broadband connections over a large area in a country or across several continents. However, LTE also includes a low-bandwidth technology, LTE Cat-M. These LTE modules are often referred to as LPWA modules.

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