Sierra Wireless® 3G Embedded Modules Provide LANCOM Customers with the Reassurance of a Reliable and Secure Connection

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LANCOM Systems GmbH is the leading German manufacturer of reliable, innovative network components for large enterprises, SMEs, public authorities, and institutions. The company supplies hardware and software solutions, along with support and services, for IP-based virtual private networks (VPN), VoIP, and wireless networks (WLAN). One of LANCOM’s unique selling propositions is its outstanding responsiveness and capability to customize solutions to meet even the most uncommon requirements with minimal lead time.


To avoid data communication downtime and provide users with reliable and secure connection.

  • Provides unprecedented 3G data transfer speeds 
  • Enables flexible, secure access to corporate networks 
  • Improves communication 
  • Ensures connection availability 
  • Provides connectivity in areas where landline alternatives are cost-prohibitive or non-existent 
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  • Sierra Wireless® MC8780 3G HSPA Embedded Module 
  • Lancom 1751 Router 


Data communication downtime results in massive revenue loss, as was the case when an enormous cyclone hit central Europe in early 2007. Many DSL connections failed, making the natural disaster a commercial one, as well. 

For many LANCOM customers, uninterruptible connectivity is an absolute must. LANCOM Systems’ line of business VPN routers provide users with professional site connectivity and redundancy. Should a standard DSL connection fail at a site, branch office, or subsidiary, a broadband backup connection is automatically established. Along with highly reliable uptime, LANCOM routers are equipped with multiple VPN channels, separately configurable switch ports, and advanced security protocols, making the routers ideal for large and small enterprises alike, as well as many other business applications — retail and transportation environments such as railways, or with critical financial applications such as ATM machines. 

In April, 2008, the Federal Network Agency in Germany began enforcing the de-bundling of DSL and telephone lines. Without the guarantee of a direct link between a DSL connection and backup via ISDN, LANCOM predicted that many customers would take advantage of the faster download rates and stability of 3G cellular technology as a high-speed backup alternative. With UMTS becoming almost universally established across Europe, LANCOM wanted to provide its customers with improved connectivity availability by integrating 3G UMTS technology as another WAN interface into its line of routers.

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Sierra Wireless provides the professional services, integration and product support that we require to develop the best solutions for our customers.

Gunnar Mayer
Product manager, LANCOM Systems


LANCOM Systems developed its LANCOM 1751 UMTS business VPN router using the Sierra Wireless 3G HSUPA embedded module for reliable and secure broadband connectivity. The 1751 UMTS router for HSUPA cellular networks enables download rates of up to 7.2 Mbps. Additionally, the Sierra Wireless 3G modules provide for remote management and maintenance of installations and real-time monitoring of router solutions, as well as GPS tracking for anti-theft protection.

“We’ve been working with Sierra Wireless on other products since 2005,“ explained Gunnar Mayer, product manager at LANCOM Systems. “Sierra Wireless provides the professional services, integration and product support that we require to develop the best solutions for our customers.“

Working within the LANCOM 1751 UMTS routers, the Sierra Wireless 3G embedded module provides high speed data functionality and secure network connections that enhance the reliability and convenience of LANCOM Systems’ IP-based VPN solutions. Cellular connectivity offers far more than just redundancy for cable connections. Cable-based internet connections are far from universal, and yet high-speed internet access has become an important competitive factor. Unlike WiMax, UMTS coverage is well-established throughout Europe, making UMTS solutions a fast and cost-effective connectivity alternative in areas without landline coverage.


First shipments of the new 3G business router started in April. Several hundred 1751 UMTS devices have been installed on customer premises. With the cost of UMTS solutions lowering and the data transfer speeds increasing, LANCOM Systems predicts substantial growth and is currently discussing an outdoor UMTS/WLAN device that also takes advantage of the Sierra Wireless 3G embedded modules.

The LANCOM 1751 UMTS router utilizing the Sierra Wireless 3G embedded modules has resulted in the following benefits:

  • Ensures connection availability with backup via cellular broadband 
  • Provides unprecedented 3G data transfer speeds
  • Enables flexible and secure access to corporate networks
  • Improves communication, making it ideal for enterprise site-to-site connectivity
  • Provides connectivity in areas where landline alternatives are cost-prohibitive or non-existent


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