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AirVantage® Device Control

AirVantage Device Control

Easily and securely onboard, monitor, control and update your cellular modules and LoRaWAN®-based devices so that you can avoid downtime and keep your services up and running.
Commercial Fleets

Critical Features Keep Your Devices Running

With AirVantage Device Control, you can monitor health, review connectivity and communication history, and leverage powerful fleet campaign management features to dispatch command and control instructions, push over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates and security patches.

Diagnostic and Alerting Capabilities Increase Your Device Uptime

Remotely activate, suspend and diagnose devices in the field to provide responsive service and reduce on-site visits. AirVantage Device Control enables you to get alerts to potential device problems before they cause service interruptions, so they can be quickly addressed.

Device Management

Management Platform for AirVantage Services

Keep your global IoT connectivity deployments under control through a single IoT connectivity platform.

Learn How to Go Market Faster

Use AirVantage Device Control with our pre-certified Sierra modules or routers to simplify IoT and reduce your total cost of ownership

Routers and Gateways

For Router & Gateway Customers

Eliminate the need to provision each device, improve operations, and reduce your total cost of ownership when you select Sierra Wireless gateways and routers with connectivity.
Sierra Wireless Modules

For Module Customers

Leverage our team of IoT experts that have helped millions of devices get to market over the last 25 years with a range of professional services including hardware and software design reviews and pre-certification services.

Connect Quickly with Secure IoT Connectivity

Free Trial SIMs

2 SIMs, 25 MB each for 30 days.

Ready to Activate SIMs

Purchase SIMs and flexible data plans.

Tailored Connectivity Solutions

Our IoT experts will develop a solution that fits your business needs.

Connect with an IoT Expert

Have an expert help you choose an IoT option that best fits your project.

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