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The EV charging solution provider enables its clients, businesses and local communities worldwide, to accelerate their energy transition by reducing their carbon footprint and energy costs,
Customer Story
Streamline Global EV Charging Operations
Malco Solutions delivers 24/7/365 live remote site surveillance using self-contained security trailers. These trailers are equipped with high-definition security cameras, motion sensors and analytics for automated threat detection. When a threat is identified, local law enforcement is notified via FirstNet®.
Customer Story
Malco Solutions Delivers Real-Time Mobile Surveillance and Threat Deterrence Using FirstNet®
Using Semtech’s AirVantage® Smart Connectivity service and the latest generative AI technology, Mana Care has effectively realized its vision. Smart Connectivity enables Mana Care to distribute their telecare devices to customers on three continents, providing consistent functionality.
Customer Story
Mana Care - Enabling Digital Inclusion for Elderly and Cognitively Disabled
CleanRobotics has partnered with Sierra Wireless to seamlessly connect the deployed Trashbots. Each TrashBot is equipped with an AirLink LX40 router, enabling easy installation as a plug-and-play model.
Customer Story
CleanRobotics - A robust and reliable cellular connectivity solution to connect its rapidly expanding network of Smart Recycling Bins
Partnering with Semtech has enabled Eways to deploy a single solution for connectivity across its current network of charging stations in Sweden and Denmark. Read the customer story now!
Customer Story
Eways – Making EV Charging Easy With Resilient Global Connectivity
Learn how Quadient Shipping Developed Smart Lockers with Cutting Edge Delivery Experience. Sierra Wireless’ solution solved many of the typical technology challenges.
Customer Story
Quadient Shipping – How Quadient Shipping Developed Smart Lockers with Cutting Edge Delivery Experience

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