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An EV charging solution provider headquartered in France
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The EV charging solution provider enables its clients, businesses and local communities worldwide, to accelerate their energy transition by reducing their carbon footprint and energy costs.


The company is adopting Semtech’s global connectivity solution to achieve seamless international expansion and operational excellence. Key objectives include simplifying deployment processes, enhancing operational efficiency, improving global reporting, ensuring optimal user experience, and establishing a scalable, future-proof infrastructure.

Since adopting Semtech’s global connectivity solution, the company has seen significant improvements in deployment ease, operational efficiency, and global reporting quality. The centralized management platform and robust cellular network have streamlined logistics, automated processes, and enhanced user experiences. This has enabled the company to expand internationally with confidence, achieve higher operational efficiency, and ensure reliable EV charging services, positioning them for ongoing growth and success in the industry.

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Customer’s strategic decision to adopt Semtech’s global connectivity solution allows them to confidently expand their EV charging network to the global market with efficiency and quality. Thanks to the integrated connectivity solution with close to 100% network availability, customer can now streamline logistics, obtain real-time operational insights of their deployment, and ensure a consistent, premium user experience worldwide.


Since 2019, customer has been providing EV charging solutions by leveraging cellular routers and connectivity services from multiple vendors to meet project requirements. However, as the company expands beyond its French home market into North America, Latin America, and Asia, they have encountered challenges in managing communication hardware and service subscriptions across different vendor platforms.
This has resulted in the need for manual data extraction and analysis. Not only does it consume more time and resources to generate global operational reports, but it also hinders their ability to respond promptly to global operational demands.


To address productivity concerns and establish a scalable foundation for their international operations, customer joined forces with Semtech. This collaboration
yielded a fully integrated global connectivity solution consisting of the following

  • AirLink LX40 LTE routers: These cost-effective routers offer reliable cellular connection and are certified for deployment around the world.
  • AirVantage® Smart Connectivity: The cutting-edge service, offers enhanced
    resilience by connecting through 2 or more networks in each country. With coverage across 190 countries and territories, spanning over 600 cellular networks, it ensures uninterrupted connectivity around the globe. Semtech’s AI-enabled proactive network monitoring guarantees close to 100% network uptime to keep the charging service always on.
  • Centralized management platform (web portal and APIs): Semtech’s platform
    enables seamless remote configuration and control on the routers and SIMs,
    and facilitates deployment monitoring. Customer can easily automate alerts for abnormalities using an intuitive alert rule engine, avoiding unnecessary charges
    or losses, conducting online network issue diagnosis, hence minimizing service


The partnership between customer and Semtech has resulted in a remarkable
success story, characterized by the following key factors:

  • Streamlined Logistics: Customer’s new EV charging equipment can now be easily
    deployed in target markets worldwide. The use of a single platform allows for
    remote configuration of routers and SIMs, ensuring adaptability to local market
  • Unified Global Reporting: Customer can now draw deployment operational reports
    from a single system. This transparency has greatly improved resource allocation
    and financial planning across the enterprise.
  • Premium User Experience: The resilient cellular network infrastructure ensures
    minimal service downtime, guaranteeing a premium EV charging experience for

Customer’s collaboration with Semtech is a testament to their commitment to
innovation and optimization of the electric vehicle charging experience. This forwardthinking initiative has not only streamlined complex operations but has also elevated service quality, propelling Customer to the forefront of the electric mobility evolution.

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An EV charging solution provider headquartered in France




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