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IoT is Powering the EV Charging Revolution

Powering the EV Charging Revolution with IoT

IoT is crucial to the operation of large-scale charging networks as vital data can be extracted and it supports remote management. EV charging providers must think carefully about the connectivity they deploy. Robust connectivity provides a bridge between devices and back-end systems and has many benefits including:

Network Management

Constant connectivity allows for managing networks of EV chargers, spotting any issues, and managing updates.

Enhancing the
Customer Experience

Customers must know which charging station is available and have up-to-the-minute information on EV charger usage.

Network Planning

Analyzing data from the chargers helps to track usage rates and determine whether the units are matched to demand.

Dynamic Load Balancing

EVs will pose a greater challenge for electrical grids, balancing that load will be important.

The Role of Cellular Wireless Technology In EV Charging

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Rapid Deployment Speed

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Ensure Longevity

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Coverage in Remote Area’s

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Future-proofing the Technology

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