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Featured Case study LUCI Gives Wheelchairs Smart Driving Capabilities to Help Avoid Collisions and Falls

LUCI Gives Wheelchairs Smart Driving Capabilities to Help Avoid Collisions and Falls

Once the safety system was complete, LUCI wanted to create a connected solution that could send real-time notifications to the wheelchair user or designated members of their support team for potential threats, status alerts, or situations requiring assistance.
The EV charging solution provider enables its clients, businesses and local communities worldwide, to accelerate their energy transition by reducing their carbon footprint and energy costs,
Customer Story
Streamline Global EV Charging Operations
Malco Solutions delivers 24/7/365 live remote site surveillance using self-contained security trailers. These trailers are equipped with high-definition security cameras, motion sensors and analytics for automated threat detection. When a threat is identified, local law enforcement is notified via FirstNet®.
Customer Story
Malco Solutions Delivers Real-Time Mobile Surveillance and Threat Deterrence Using FirstNet®
Explore how Semtech's AirLink® routers and AirLink® Management Service are revolutionizing daily operations and safety for the North Platte Police Department.
North Platte Police Department's Wireless Technology Journey
Industry experts from Semtech and Pierson Wireless delve into the transformative power of combining 5G with satellite technology. Learn how this duo helps ensure uninterrupted communication for mission-critical teams and operations, virtually anywhere.. Watch now!
Fusing Forces: Integrating 5G and Satellite in Critical Communications
In this podcast from EVs4Everyone, Raphael Atayi, Partnerships and Solutions Director at Semtech, explores the crucial role of connectivity and uptime in public EV charging infrastructure. Tune in to learn how to elevate your EV charging strategy from a true industry expert.
The Real Reason Why Public Charging is Broken
This e-Book explores the imperative of modernizing critical infrastructure communications to enhance operational efficiency, security, and future adaptability. It addresses common misconceptions about modernization costs, complexity and risks, aiming to encourage proactive steps towards securing and advancing critical infrastructure systems in the digital age.
Busting Myths: Modernizing Critical Infrastructure Communications
Discover how the Rosebud Sioux Tribe Police Department revolutionized their operations with Semtech AirLink® router solutions and Brite's expert support.
Rosebud Sioux Tribe Police Department's Wireless Technology Journey
Watch Captain A.J. Mathewson and Officer Brian Andreas from the Lorain Police Department share how Semtech AirLink® router solutions, with Brite's support, revolutionized their daily work.
Lorain Police Department's Wireless Technology Journey
Highway 9 and Semtech experts explore how private 5G networks and mobile cloud technology can power the next generation of manufacturing and warehousing processes, while seamlessly integrating with existing IT infrastructure and equipment. Watch now!
The Future of Factories: Private 5G with Mobile Cloud Industry 4.0 Automation

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