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AirVantage® Smart Sensing

Why Smart Sensing is the easiest way to realize your sensing network

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Plug and Play

Easily use our plug-and-play solution for an enterprise-grade, scalable LoRaWAN® sensor network.
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Flexible Design

Select sensors from multiple vendors and let us harmonize them for no-code upstream integration.
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Built to Scale

Monitor and update all, or any part of, your fleet through APIs or an intuitive web portal with full campaign management.
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Backed by Experts

Leverage our proven IoT connectivity, devices, management services and world-class support team with 30+ years of IoT experience.

Freedom to Design

We provide a curated selection of LoRaWAN® sensors and communication hardware, ensuring that you find the perfect devices to build your sensor networks. Our Connectivity and Management Services offer a comprehensive range of APIs and service options to create a solution that is tailored to meet your specific business and technical requirements.
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Flexibility and Easy Expansion

Smart Sensing provides users with the utmost flexibility to easily deploy multi-vendor sensor networks and seamlessly expand into new use cases across the whole enterprise.
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What does a customer say about Smart Sensing?

I am thrilled with Semtech’s Smart Sensing solution—it is precisely what Archangel needs as we spearhead the UK challenge to switch in excess of 1.8 million individuals from analogue reactive pendant solutions to digital ambient monitoring systems. ​

Archangel collaborates with scalable, reliable global partners to implement our vision of connecting silo systems and delivering a better way to provide services using proactive and preventative models within an integrated health, care and housing system.​

Semtech’s pedigree and comprehensive offering, including cellular connectivity, aligns perfectly with our deployment strategy.

Tom Morton
CEO of Archangel Ltd.

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Archangel uses Smart Sensing to non-invasively track the daily routines of telehealth users. By proactively issuing preventive alerts on potential health risks, Archangel minimizes the occurrence of real emergencies.

How can my business take benefits from Smart Sensing?

Here are a few examples for how Smart Sensing can bring tangible benefits to your business in certain industries.

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