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AirVantage® Satellite Tracking

An AirVantage Managed Solution for global asset tracking for companies whose cargo moves around the world, often out of reach of cellular networks.

Fully-integrated and end-to-end managed service

Satellite Tracking is offered as a fully-integrated, end-to-end managed service that is fast and easy to deploy, with minimal start-up costs, backed by decades of IoT experience from the global leader of IoT solutions, services, and applications.

Benefits from Satellite Tracking

  • Reduce time and effort spent locating assets
  • Increase accuracy of information needed for business intelligence
  • Improve customer service
  • Reduce inventory and returnable asset loss (cargo, containers)
  • Enhanced theft recovery (heavy equipment and high value assets)

Use Cases

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Emergency Response

In an emergency, high-value assets need to be deployed quickly, and to the right place. Emergency management agencies run by state, local, and federal governments can benefit from a satellite asset tracking solution to serve their citizens that is not dependent on cellular communications, which are often down after severe disasters.
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Global Shipping

Shipping companies depend on the real-time data offered by intermodal container tracking solutions for complete end-to-end visibility and management. Satellite Access’ tracking solutions provide commercial and government entities with actionable data—when and where they need it— on the status of their cargo in near-real time, even from the most remote regions of the world.


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High Value Asset Tracking

Trackable assets include generators, trailers, portable air conditioners, portable refrigeration, and portable housing supplies. The ability to track and locate these assets as needed is vital to providing prompt relief in the face of disasters and catastrophic acts of nature.

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Intermodal & Transmodal Freight Tracking

Always remain connected to your high value assets, whether they are being transported in pallets, bins, crates or containers. Whether for dry or refrigerated road, rail or sea containers, users can better manage their transport assets, reduce fuel and maintenance costs, and identify priority issues for rapid response.

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Heavy Equipment

Bottlenecks in locating and deploying heavy equipment can result in project delays and result in huge profit losses. The Satellite Tracking managed solution allows construction companies to increase productivity, lower maintenance costs, and improve worker safety. Furthermore, it can prevent underutilization of equipment, help locate missing or stolen assets and prevent misuse of vehicles and equipment.


AirVantage Managed Solutions are fully-integrated from device to cloud to deliver accurate, timely visibility into the location of all high-value assets. The specialized devices work seamlessly with applications, and all applications offer web-based interfaces that allow users to access information from PCs, tablets, or smartphones. Advanced analytics deliver reports and visualizations specifically designed for each vertical industry.

Our Satellite Tracking managed solution includes hardware, network, and software applications for remote asset management, GPS tracking, mapping, display, reporting, and data forwarding. Our satellite tracking solutions utilize low earth orbit satellites to wirelessly track assets when cellular service is not available.

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To Implement Satellite Tracking

The devices monitor the asset’s critical metrics and send data to the application via satellite communication. The application uses this data to manage assets and present information via a friendly web interface that highlights problems and potential bottlenecks; an integrated mapping function makes it easy to visualize materials movement.

Satellite Tracking tells users where their assets are, how they’re doing, and when they will arrive. Ensuring asset visibility translates into enhanced productivity, decreased costs and losses, and increased revenue.


Our asset tracking solutions are market-ready, turn-key and managed by Semtech for rapid installation, deployment and ROI. All solution components are seamlessly integrated, with no need for applications development because the software is user-configurable to meet each enterprise’s operational needs.

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Has a proven track record when it comes to implementing IoT solutions. With a network platform that delivers a comprehensive view of your deployment and strong relationships with leading wireless and satellite providers for worldwide coverage, you can be assured of robust, reliable connectivity for your asset tracking deployment.

Satellite Tracking Software

Mapping and management software designed for mission critical responders’ operational needs, serving both headquarters and field requirements.

Satellite Tracking software is a web-based application, with no software to install and can be accessed via PC, Tablet, or phone, giving you critical data available at a glance.

Key Benefits
Key Features
Increased asset efficiency
Cross browser availability
Improved business intelligence
Granular role and user level permissions
Ability to locate and track high value assets
Multiple icon share and color options
Loss mitigation, asset recovery enhancement
Intuitive tree style asset management
Maintenance alerts
Location breadcrumb history



SmartOne Solar

For high value asset tracking where cellular service is not available, SmartOne Solar is a low maintenance and intelligent IoT device that provides remote monitoring and tracking over the Globalstar satellite network, using solar power to increase battery life. Fixed and movable assets such as rail tank cars, containers, heavy equipment and vehicle fleets can be remotely monitored and tracked, even when beyond the reach of other communications networks.


SmartOne C

SmartOne C is designed for high value asset tracking where cellular service is not available for the intelligent management of fixed and mobile assets via satellite, the SmartOne C is a practical solution for a multitude of options including: 12 different reporting times, interval or 24-hour operation mode, alternate reporting schedules and low battery message. Track intermediate bulk containers, vehicles and boats as a solution to improve your asset’s operating efficiency and security.

How the IoT Enables Mobile Asset Tracking

Tracking assets as they move though the supply chain is a huge advantage for businesses. But generating real-time data on mobile assets is hard, due to:
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