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Based in Australia with additional sales and operations in Canada, LiveLife Alarms provides wearable mobile safety alarms to 120,000 customers including seniors and other at-risk individuals.


LiveLife Alarms needed a connectivity solution that offered low data plans with no pressure to upgrade from the SIM provider. They also needed support for 4G voice, and the ability to upload SIM data to the Integrated Public Number Database (IPND) for public safety services. IPND is a centralized database of all telephone numbers issued in Australia, which is vital in public safety or disaster situations.

  • Fast turnaround time for SIMs
  • Full access to retail Telstra coverage
  • Integration with IPND within the 24-hour compliance period
  • Full voice support on 4G networks
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  • M2M One Nano SIMs for 3G and 4G connectivity
  • Voice and data plan


LiveLife Alarms began when its founders saw a need for better mobile alarms for Australian seniors. Based in Toronto, New South Wales, they provide wearable alert devices designed to offer peace of mind to seniors and their families. Their customer base also includes individuals with disabilities, lone workers in remote areas, and other independent professionals who need added security, such as real estate agents. The Mobile Alarms provide fall detection and operate hands free. These simple, stylish, waterproof pendants are extremely easy to use, with only a few buttons. In an emergency the alarm texts or calls family and friends, as it stores up to six contacts. In addition to functioning as an SOS, each Mobile Alarm can be used to make regular voice calls. Available geofencing capabilities alert a contact if the individual wearing the alarm moves outside a designated geographic area.


In the first few years of operation, LiveLife used prepaid SIM cards in the alarms. This plan fit their needs for a while, since each user needed minimal data, text, or voice. However, as the business grew in comparison to competitors, LiveLife found that prepaid plans were not sustainable long term and carried many risks. Customers found tracking their usage credits cumbersome. LiveLife required coverage everywhere, including in remote locations. The final challenge was that the existing SIM platform couldn’t adequately manage voice over 4G networks. LiveLife Alarms needed a new connectivity solution.

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What started as a challenge with another provider ended up as an opportunity with Sierra Wireless M2M One that worked out much better.

Pete Morris
Co-Founder and Director, LiveLife Alarms 

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Our devices are simple but sophisticated, and Sierra Wireless M2M One aligns well with the simplicity of the device itself in how they deploy, manage, and support the SIMs.

Phil Mathieson 
Co-Founder and Director, LiveLife Alarms


LiveLife Alarms first did business with M2M One from 2017 to 2018, and for the next few years they worked with another SIM card provider. In 2021, LiveLife chose the M2M One Nano SIM for the Mobile Alarm, with a 30 KB voice and data plan. This meets the low-usage needs of their customers. This low-data offer, along with broad 4G coverage, were the primary reasons that LiveLife selected M2M One.


The company has successfully integrated M2M One into its Mobile Alarms. Customers now have full retail access to Telstra, which they didn’t have previously. This access includes coverage in rural, remote areas, with no contracts or monthly fees for customers. M2M One also provides easy access to knowledgeable support. 

LiveLife is also now compliant with requirements to provide information to the national Integrated Public Number Database (IPND). Numbers are uploaded by M2M One within 24 hours of provisioning. Participation in IPND facilitates a rapid response by public safety agencies in emergency situations.

The Mobile Alarm device can theoretically work anywhere, so with time and resources LiveLife Alarms hopes to expand globally and provide security and peace of mind to many additional customers.

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Sierra Wireless M2M One is a valuable partner in changing and saving people’s lives in a very meaningful way.

Phil Mathieson
Co-Founder and Director, LiveLife Alarms

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