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Using Semtech’s AirVantage® Smart Connectivity service and the latest generative AI technology, Mana Care has effectively realized its vision. Smart Connectivity enables Mana Care to distribute their telecare devices to customers on three continents, providing consistent functionality.
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Mana Care - Enabling Digital Inclusion for Elderly and Cognitively Disabled
In this webinar, we will explore how healthcare organizations and providers can benefit from the different wireless connectivity options available today, the benefits from cellular LPWA connectivity compared to BLE or WiFi, and look into real life examples.
Transforming Healthcare with Wireless Connectivity
LiveLife Alarms needed a connectivity solution that offered low data plans with no pressure to upgrade from the SIM provider. Learn more today!
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LiveLife Alarms Saves Lives With Its Mobile Alert Device
We are moving into a new era of healthcare. The arrival of 5G will transform healthcare due to its ability to provide real-time data and analysis with virtually ubiquitous, ultra-high bandwidth and ultra-low latency connectivity. Learn more today!
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5G in Healthcare Extending the Scope of Connected Care
The company needed a solution that allowed it to transmit data securely from its medical devices to a clinical operation center. In particular, the company was looking to simplify development, connect globally and lower the cost of data transmission.
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Connected Medical Devices
Download this white paper to learn about connectivity needs in different areas of healthcare and the new and emerging use cases for connected medical devices.
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Beyond the Hospital: Towards a Continuum of Connected Care
Sierra Wireless is a trusted digital transformation partner for a wide range of medical device companies around the world. Learn more about how Sierra Wireless is enabling the Internet of Medical Things with connected medical devices.
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Connected Medical Devices: Blood Analysis Machines
Download this report to learn about using wireless technologies in hospitals and connecting high-value hospital assets. Sierra Wireless connects movable medical devices in hospitals. Download the report now!
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Transforming Medical Care with Connectivity
Demand for bandwidth intensive applications such as video, advanced mapping and analytics, alongside critical voice communications has been driving adoption of broadband LTE cellular networks, such as FirstNet. Download the infographic.
The Convergence of LTE and LMR Networks: The Future of Critical Communications for First Responders
Philips Medicial System stations rely on AirLink® wireless gateways for remote management.
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Philips Medical Systems Stations – Rely on AirLink® Gateways to Remotely Manage Medical Systems

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