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AirVantage® Broadband Access

An AirVantage Managed Solution with a portfolio of offerings providing stress-free, cost-effective, and reliable internet management under a single vendor for a complete solution.

A Complete solution

A fully managed portfolio of offerings provides stress-free, cost-effective, and reliable internet management under a single vendor for a complete solution.
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Staying Connected Shouldn’t Be Something You Worry About

We take the stress out of managing your internet access so you can focus on what matters most: managing and growing your business. Today, internet connectivity is as fundamental to running a business as electricity and running water. It can be complicated to install and time-consuming to manage, but with AirVantage Broadband Access, we offer a cost efficient, high availability, and high-quality internet connectivity essential to your business.

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How do I choose a managed solution?

Choosing a managed solution can be complicated so we have pulled together the questions to ask when planning in the infographic below.
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What are the advantages of a managed solution?

A managed solution should help you expand your business with the cost effectiveness and flexibility your business requires. Download the white paper to learn more.

Broadband Access Offerings

Broadband Access - Basic

This simple and hassle-free offering is designed for companies looking for a cost-effective backup cellular solution for non-critical systems like back-office operations, inventory management and HVAC controls.
Proactive device monitoring of your RV and LX series router
Cost effective router rental
24/7 technical support access
Professional install
Connectivity plans starting at 250MB per device, per month with cross carrier pooling

Broadband Access - Premium

This premium offering includes all the features of Basic along with proactive monitoring, an increased service level agreement and additional options like equipment upgrades and managed security and is designed for mission-critical applications like point-of-sale terminals, security monitoring and medical systems.
Proactive device monitoring of your RV or MP series router
Cost effective router rental
Four-point Service Level Agreement
24/7 technical support access
Professional installation
Equipment rental upgrade
Connectivity plans starting at 1G per device, per month with cross carrier pooling

Comparison Chart

Service Level
4 Point SLA – Availability, Performance, Latency & Mean Time to Restore for Connectivity Option only

Standard performance
Fulfillment – Accounts Created and Devices Pre-Configured/Tested/Kitted
Professional Installation
Professional De-installation
Semtech Router – Model Options
RV Router Series
RV & MP Router Series
Router – rented vs purchased
Rent or purchase
Rent or purchase
Antenna included
2×2 MIMO
Proactive Device Monitoring
Firmware Management & Security Updates
Device Configuration Management
Cloud Management
Equipment Refresh
Connectivity – Optional data plans
Starting at 250MG
Starting at 1GB
Cross Carrier Pooling
5G Data Plan availability
Connectivity Management – Monitoring & Usage
Technical Support
Customer Care Center
24 x 7 Support
24 x 7 Support
Advanced Equipment Replacement
Additional Options
Equipment rental upgrade

How can my business benefit from Broadband Access?

Here are some industry examples for how Broadband Access can bring tangible benefits to your business.
Retail and Hospitality

Retail and ​Restaurants​

Stores and food service establishments need reliable internet connectivity to keep​ credit card transactions, reservation systems and guests online.​

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Healthcare​ Organizations

Managed connectivity, device management, and 24/7/365 tech support to meet the needs of healthcare organizations and the first response community.

Read Our Customer Stories:

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Distributed Operations

Managed, wireless broadband solutions designed to meet the challenges of industrial applications in remote, harsh and demanding environments.

You may also be interested in our AirVantage Smart Sensing

Business decision makers and IT managers can build on our Broadband Access offer to further gain operational efficiencies and customer insights by connecting critical “things” and capturing sensor data. Smart Sensing is a managed service for reliably, securely and efficiently capturing and delivering sensor data to your cloud application for analysis and decision-making.
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