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CF3 Common Flexible Form Factor

Common Flexible Form Factor

Common across product generations
Flexible to support any wireless technology
Form that scales between module families
Factor with defined footprints and pin-outs

Since launching the first cellular embedded module in 1997, we’ve learned the two things that matter most to our customers:

  1. Compact size is required for many new IoT applications
  2. Common footprints and consistent software interfaces simplify migration between technologies
No matter what wireless technology you start with, your CF3® investment is protected, lowering your total cost of ownership and giving you more possibilities in future product designs.
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Why CF3®?

Process icon

Easy to Start

Faster design-in, with dedicated pins for expansion and customization.

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Easy to Design

Less design complexity, with scalable performance in the same footprint.

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Easy to Deploy

Simpler manufacturing, with fewer device variations to stock and more flexible assembly.


Swap In, Swap Out: Use Form Factor to Future-Proof Your IoT Design

Form factor can make or break your ability to grow and evolve your design. It is important to give careful consideration when evaluating form factor options.

CF3 supports two module sizes and three module series

Scaling between these module series results in minimal impact on product design because of the simple signal routing.
Module rings - Large-Medium_Medium

Ultra low power modules for the thin edge that offer enhanced security, worldwide bands and high transmit power.

Module rings - Large-Medium_Large

IoT modules for the performance edge with comprehensive APIs, optional edge processing, enhanced security and worldwide bands.

CF3 in Action

CF3® enables flexibility to migrate between technologies and future-proof product designs. It supports two module sizes and three module series (HL78, RC and WP Series) from us.

2 rings defined in the CF3 Standard

Module back-graphic_2 ring CF3 standard-02

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