Swap In, Swap Out: Why Form Factors are so Important in the IoT

The IoT is so new and dynamic, that most products will likely need to evolve, whether it’s adding support for a new cellular specification, integrating a new wireless technology, or servicing a new region or market. 

Choosing the right components for a design is often a delicate balancing act, since you have to weigh the features you want against the need to deliver a competitive price point. But with the right components in place, it’s easier to build a solid product platform that’s also easy to modify when you need to.

Download this white paper to learn how these three aspects of form factor can help designers create cost-effective, easy-to-scale IoT innovations:

  • The consistency of footprints and pinouts across technologies and families
  • The ability to extend and customize functionality without changing the footprint
  • The option to right-size the feature set while working within the same footprint