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Next-gen WP Series of embedded IoT modules

The new WP Series is more than another hardware offering, it provides complete device-to-cloud architecture enabling IoT developers to build a Linux-based product on a single module and seamlessly send valuable user and product data to the cloud.

IoT is nothing new to Sierra Wireless. We’ve been building the Internet of Things for decades. Our core has always been to take technology designed for mobile phones and make it work for industry. But not just make it work, make it simple to integrate. Like pioneers in any emerging industry, we’ve had a lot of firsts: first to launch a cellular module, first to deploy embedded sims for m2m, first to market with HSPA+ and LTE modules, first open-source Linux platform for m2m. Through all these firsts we learned a lot, like smaller is better and common footprints between technologies matters. We understand the importance of having global coverage in a single module, that security is paramount, and that supporting long life cycles is critical. We know that for all things to be connected, integration between hardware, software, and the cloud needs to be seamless and that ultra-low power consumption is going to be vital. In order to realize this IoT vision, it’s time to expect more from an embedded module, more than obtaining reliable modem connectivity. It’s about being smaller, going faster, and doing more with less. Welcome to the new era of embedded modules.

Welcome the next gen WP series.

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