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Resource Industries: Public Safety

Malco Solutions delivers 24/7/365 live remote site surveillance using self-contained security trailers. These trailers are equipped with high-definition security cameras, motion sensors and analytics for automated threat detection. When a threat is identified, local law enforcement is notified via FirstNet®.
Customer Story
Malco Solutions Delivers Real-Time Mobile Surveillance and Threat Deterrence Using FirstNet®
Explore how Semtech's AirLink® routers and AirLink® Management Service are revolutionizing daily operations and safety for the North Platte Police Department.
North Platte Police Department's Wireless Technology Journey
This e-Book explores the imperative of modernizing critical infrastructure communications to enhance operational efficiency, security, and future adaptability. It addresses common misconceptions about modernization costs, complexity and risks, aiming to encourage proactive steps towards securing and advancing critical infrastructure systems in the digital age.
Busting Myths: Modernizing Critical Infrastructure Communications
Discover how the Rosebud Sioux Tribe Police Department revolutionized their operations with Semtech AirLink® router solutions and Brite's expert support.
Rosebud Sioux Tribe Police Department's Wireless Technology Journey
Watch Captain A.J. Mathewson and Officer Brian Andreas from the Lorain Police Department share how Semtech AirLink® router solutions, with Brite's support, revolutionized their daily work.
Lorain Police Department's Wireless Technology Journey
In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, choosing the right connectivity solution is critical to the success of any IoT project. Download and use the Connectivity Selection Matrix to streamline your selection process.
IoT Connectivity Selection Matrix – Streamline Your IoT Connectivity Choices
Discover how Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Satellite Communications and 5G can work together to ensure your teams remain connected, no matter the location.
The Convergence: Satellite and 5G for Mission-Critical Success
Join our experts from Semtech (formerly Sierra Wireless) as they delve into the game-changing capabilities of the XR60 for your application, and discover how the XR60 can be the driving force behind your operational transformation. Watch now!
Meet the Airlink® XR60: The Power of 5G in the Palm of Your Hand
In this video Semtech's Tim Adams presents the key features of the world's smallest rugged 5G router, new from Semtech.
Unboxing - AirLink® XR60 World's Smallest Rugged 5G Router
Why is 5G important to your business and industry? Because it delivers wireless connectivity on par with today’s wired broadband services. Learn how to choose the right 5G router solution for your business.
5G Cellular Router Solution Evaluation Guide

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