Octave - Mobile Breakthrough Award 2020

'IoT Innovation of the Year' Award Winner

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Octave lets you securely extract, orchestrate, and act on data from your industrial assets to the cloud.

  • Extract: Pull and normalize data from virtually any type of industrial equipment via popular industrial protocols (Modbus, CANopen)
  • Orchestrate: Get the right data, at the right time, with the right priority, to the right system
  • Act: Update your Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) application as your business needs change
  • Secure: Protect your data from the edge to the cloud even as new threats emerge
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Focus on Your Data

Octave securely integrates edge devices, network, and cloud APIs into a single solution, so you can focus on your data. Octave eliminates the need to build IoT infrastructure from scratch, so you can concentrate on creating innovative Industrial IoT applications.

Simplify Your Development

Octave frees you from the complexities of Industrial IoT application development with an easy programming interface that uses a common JavaScript framework, supporting the most popular and extensively used industrial protocols such as Modbus, CANopen, etc.

De-risk Your Deployment

Scaling from a proof of concept to commercial deployment has never been so easy. Octave delivers you a scalable, flexible and easy-to-operate industrial IoT solution for efficiently managing connected machines, built on Sierra Wireless’s 25 years of leadership and expertise in IoT.

Fertilizer Tanks: How Octave Helps Ekatra to Remotely Detect Leaks and Prevent Overflows

Benefits and Cost Savings From Using Octave

↓ 45%

in Solution Development Costs

When developed internally, an Industrial IoT application typically costs around $400K-$450K. With Octave, these costs are reduced by 45%.

↓ 30%

in Device Management Costs

Certifying and managing devices, along with managing connectivity subscriptions, across different regions and network operators, costs $359,653. Octave reduces these costs by 30%.

↓ 75%

in Service Evolution & Maintenance Costs

Evolving an Industrial IoT application to meet changing use cases and business requirements, along with maintaining it on an ongoing basis, costs $94,500. Octave reduces these costs by 75%.

↓ 9 Months

Faster Time to Margin

As an all-in-one edge-to-cloud solution for the Industrial IoT, Octave does away with the blockers and inefficiencies involved in building an Industrial IoT application internally, ultimately reducing the time it takes to launch and delivering faster time to margin by nine months on average.

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Predictable Connectivity Pricing

A huge barrier that enterprises typically face when developing new industrial IoT applications is accurately estimating their connectivity costs. To solve this problem, we’ve reimagined connectivity pricing to make it transparent and controllable. By taking the guesswork out of connectivity pricing, you can now be confident in the return-on-investment of your industrial IoT application.

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Quickly Move from Prototype to Production

Using our portfolio of certified, Ready to Connect devices, you can rapidly move your Industrial IoT application from a proof of concept to a production environment without changing anything in your design or hardware approach.

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Get Started with Octave

Scaling from an Industrial IoT application proof of concept to a commercial deployment has never been so easy, or so fast. Start with Sierra to de-risk your deployment with a scalable, flexible and easy to operate solution built with the data orchestration knowledge gained from 25 years of IoT experience.

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