Build solutions, not infrastructure

Octave securely integrates edge device, network, and cloud APIs into a single platform, so you can focus on building asset monitoring solutions, not reinventing infrastructure.

Be ready for billions of things

Brought to you by the global cellular IoT leader, Octave is ready to connect and manage billions of connected assets.

Orchestrate data from edge to cloud

Octave provides unified data orchestration from edge to cloud, so you can manage the data tsunami by getting the right data, at the right time, to the right system.



Edge Resources​

Extract data from sensors, automation protocols, and microprocessors​

Ready to Connect Cellular Devices​

Scale from prototype to production with certified hardware that connects out of the box​​

Global Cellular LPWAN Coverage

Connect low power assets anywhere​



Dynamically buffer, filter, correlate, store, and forward readings from your edge resources​ ​

Event Streams

Publish, subscribe, and route filtered streams of data from the edge to the cloud​ ​​

Device Blueprints

Clone and replicate device properties and behavior on a massive scale


Action Runner

Process, analyze, and act on data at the edge and in the cloud with a common JavaScript framework​ ​

Management Console

Monitor, control, update, and maintain your connected assets​​

Cloud Integrations

Seamlessly package, enrich, and connect your data to your cloud services and applications​ ​


Data Vault​

Deposit data at the edge and retrieve it from the cloud, using our managed security infrastructure​

Adaptive Security​

Continuous updates to mitigate security threats for the duration of your deployment

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Cloud Integrations

Easily integrate with your cloud infrastructure and services

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A better cellular pricing model for IoT​

We’ve reimagined connectivity pricing to make it more transparent, predictable and controllable. One of the biggest barriers enterprises face in planning a new IoT application is accurately estimating connectivity costs. We’ve taken the guesswork out of cellular connectivity pricing so you can be confident that the economics of your business case will work.

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The Octave Device Ecosystem

Get your prototype working the way you want, and you can swing into a production environment with hardware that’s already certified and connected, without changing anything in your design or hardware approach. 

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Get Started with Octave

Enterprises looking to accelerate their data-driven transformation are encouraged to apply to the Octave preview. We will partner with you as we continue to refine Octave.

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