How 5G is Creating an IoT Connectivity Revolution

5G - it’s more than just a data rate. It is the trigger that will launch the IoT use cases of your dreams. 5G is increasingly focused on enterprise connectivity - it enables features beyond the raw data rates that allow the technology to be of far greater use than previous cellular connectivity standards.

However, over three-quarters of IoT projects are shelved before they are brought to market. Navigating the changing IoT connectivity landscape and maintaining business-critical and “always-on” IoT connectivity is challenging and choosing the right connectivity partner is critical to IoT success. So what does it take to ensure a successful IoT project in a 5G world?

In this webinar, Juniper Research will present findings from its research on “How 5G and IoT will unlock real business value in today’s connected economy.”

Download this webinar to learn about:

  • How 5G will revolutionize IoT Connectivity
  • The 5 key benefits of 5G IoT connectivity
  • How 5G’s multiple frequencies bring capability-based IoT connectivity
  • How 5G’s low latency will supercharge cloud and edge processing
  • Simplifying your IoT project by streamlining the development and management of your deployment
Ross Gray - VP, Product - Connectivity Solutions
Ross Gray
VP, Product - Connectivity Solutions,
Sierra Wireless
Sam Barker, Analyst, Juniper Research
Sam Barker
Head of Analytics & Forecasting,
Juniper Research

Watch the Webinar

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