How a Major Water Treatment Company Built a Remote Monitoring Application

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The customer is a large multinational company and a major player in water treatment, with a substantial market presence in Europe and North America. The company’s water treatment equipment is used in municipal water treatment, manufacturing, laboratories, the beverage industry, etc.


The customer wanted to build a remote monitoring application for its water treatment equipment in Germany.

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Here is a Detailed Breakdown of Why it Chose Octave to Build its Remote Monitoring Application


The water treatment equipment comes with a legacy industrial protocol; the company was unable to find a vendor that could work with this communication protocol. On the other hand, Octave, which works with all manner of both modern and legacy communication protocols, can extract data from a wide variety of equipment. It was, therefore, a natural fit for the company.

Predictive Maintenance and Cost Savings:

The company uses Octave to extract and report vital data on its equipment’s filter consumables, such as activated carbon which is used to separate soluble impurities from hot water. This enables customers to keep track of their filter consumables’ usage and replace the consumables before they wear out. This not only reduces equipment downtime – it also helps them save maintenance costs.

Edge Processing:

Octave enables the company to define precisely what data it wants to compute at the edge; for instance, the company uses Octave to collect data on reverse osmosis (RO) – the process of removing ions and other unwanted particles from water. Further it can easily build and change its edge processing logic so that the right information is sent with the right priority from the edge to the cloud.

Regulatory Compliance and Operational Stability:

Hot water is particularly vulnerable to impurities compared to cold water – it runs a higher risk of bacterial contamination as it corrodes pipes. In Germany, especially, water treatment is required to be compliant with VDI 2035, a German regulation intended to keep water safe from contamination. With Octave, the company can configure alerts and alarms around unusual events – for instance, if the alkalization of the water is beyond the threshold or there is abnormal degradation of the filter consumable. This would enable customers to take timely action and reduce instances of non-compliance.

Easy Access to Machine Data:

Customers can access relevant data on their water treatment equipment on dashboards available on the online service. Octave facilitates the transmission of relevant data from the edge to the cloud, where information is easily split up into various dashboards dedicated to alerts, filter consumables and key performance indicators (KPIs) of the water treatment process.

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