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BM COM – Speed up IoT application’s time-to-market

With Octave, it took virtually minutes to integrate the hardware and sensors into the cloud.

David Mansfeld
Managing Partner

BM COM, a Czechoslovakia-based systems integrator (SI), focuses on IoT applications such as visualization, augmented reality and analytics. Octave helped BM COM ramp up its IoT application’s time-to-market by doing away with the technical complexities that usually slow down IoT projects. In Octave, BM COM found a unique solution that provided it with the edge-to-cloud infrastructure and data orchestration capabilities that simplify the process of building and scaling IoT applications.

BM Communications is a systems integrator based in the Czech Republic, Prague.We focus on three areas: programming, consultation, and the sub-device management and building of IoT applications, such as visualization augmented reality, analytics and so on.   

We started to work with Sierra Wireless eight years ago where we focused on selling modules but soon we realized it’s not exactly our field. So we stopped for a while and then later on we renewed our cooperation when Octave came into the space. Octave really helped us to simplify the project itself and also helped us reduce time to market, not only proof of concept but since we are working with the centers and hardware it always takes a certain time to integrate and to work with these systems without Octave. So when having Octave in place, this is actually something fantastic for us because we already have the parts taken care of by Octave and we can really focus on working with the data. Octave is unique in taking care of the whole process from the edge device, to the data, to the cloud. We believe and we see this as a quite unique proposition on the market because we don’t really know of any other solution that would have all this together. What Octave helped us overcome was really the part of integrating all the different sensors and hardware into the cloud. Thanks to Octave, it was a very fast smooth process that took virtually minutes because the first time we plugged in the sensors and the hardware we immediately were able to receive data from Octave platform. From this perspective, this is something we have never seen on the market. We were amazed by that and that’s the reason why we chose Sierra and Octave to work with.

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