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Industrial Networking Solutions for Remote Asset Monitoring

Use Cases


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Lower Costs

Real-time remote monitoring and control enables organizations to reduce unnecessary maintenance cycles, reduce personnel and travel costs and address issues before they become critical.

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Improved Productivity and Quality

Comprehensive monitoring helps streamline operations and improve overall quality. Leverage machine learning and automation to implement Industry 4.0 to improve operational processes and performance.

Edge Computing

Real-Time Automation

AirLink new generation routers with edge computing greatly speed up computational response times which translates into lower overall system latency and drives real-time automation.

AirLink® Solutions for Industrial Networking

AirLink highly ruggedized Pro router deliver reliable connectivity and intelligent management and monitoring of remote assets, machinery and critical infrastructure, including Smart Grid, Pipelines, Meters, Smart City Infrastructure, Industrial Equipment and Automation and Control Systems. All Pro routers are built to operate in harsh, remote environments. Our AirLink Pro Compact routers are specifically designed for low-power operations for use with battery and solar power applications.

AirLink Pro – Ultimate Routers

For the most demanding applications, the Ultimate routers provide ultimate multi-network 5G and Wi-Fi performance.

With advanced networking features, dual-radio options and an ultra-rugged design, these routers are the ideal choice for highly critical applications requiring maximum speed and persistent communications.
XR90 Card XR80 card
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AirLink Services

Connecting your critical assets goes beyond deploying a router. It requires real-time visibility, robust security and proactive management of large-scale networks from multiple locations. Our comprehensive suite of services is designed to give you full visibility and control over your network.

The AirLink® Difference

Industrial applications require reliable, purpose-built and ruggedized solutions to deliver continual operation in often harsh environments, which is why our Industrial Networking Solutions harness these five core AirLink technologies.

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