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AirLink® Management Service (ALMS): The Control Hub of Your Network

AirLink® Management Service (ALMS)

Managing Remote Assets and Infrastructure Is a Demanding Task

You need to monitor the health and performance of devices deployed on the field, maintain multiple device configurations, update software and remotely diagnose reported issues.

AirLink Management Service is a leading cloud management platform for AirLink routers*. Acting as the control hub of your network, it allows you to remotely configure, manage, secure and troubleshoot your routers – all from a single screen.

*For MG90, please see AMM


Key Features

Accelerate and Scale Your Deployments

  • Register and pre-configure your routers at scale
  • Manage inventory of devices and subscriptions
  • Centralize configuration with templates
  • Integrate with your business applications through APIs

Master Your Network

  • Proactively monitor your routers with interactive and customizable dashboards
  • Set alerts on critical events
  • Diagnose issues with historical data
  • Monitor subscription services and warranty dates, receive early alerts ahead of renewals

Keep Your Solution Current and Secure

  • Monitor your device firmware status
  • Deploy new firmware and security patches over-the-air in a few clicks
  • Manage firmware upgrade campaigns with automatic retry capabilities and reporting of results

Secure Your Environment

  • Rely on a top-tier cloud infrastructure provider
  • Benefit from a highly available infrastructure with multiple regional instances
  • Leverage single-sign-on capabilities to enhance security and reduce password management
  • Achieve ultimate security and control with the Hybrid Cloud optional feature

ALMS: Delivering Diverse Data Residency Options with Multiple Local Instances

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Experience Ultimate Security and Control With Hybrid Cloud

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Hybrid Cloud is an optional security feature that merges the benefits of cloud technology with on-premise security controls for the management of your AirLink routers. Benefit from full local control and complete network isolation, while relying on a leading cloud infrastructure that scales with your needs.

Hybrid Cloud is available as an optional add-on to an active AirLink Service subscription.

Key Features

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On-premise controls

You retain full local control of your management system through integration with your PKI environment. All operations require local approval, providing you with the separation of duties, control and peace of mind you need.

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Scale with your needs

Based on ALMS, Hybrid Cloud leverages the inherent advantages of cloud technology. You can rely on a scalable infrastructure that evolves with your business needs, thereby gaining the freedom to concentrate on what truly counts: your core business operations.

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Cloud first, but not security second

Enables complete isolation between your management system network and customer network. This provides an added layer of security, further safeguarding your operations from potential cybersecurity threats.

Gain a 360° View of Your Vehicle Fleet
With Advanced Mobility Reporting

Based on Semtech’s (formerly Sierra Wireless) +25 years of experience in mobile deployments, this reporting optional feature provides lightweight fleet management capabilities through a series of predefined reports. These out-of-the-box reports enable you to gain critical insight into the state of your mobile fleet, its network connectivity and vehicle status.

Advanced Mobility Reporting is available through an active AirLink Premium subscription.

Direct Vehicle Integration

Vehicle telemetry reports leverage the ability to collect vehicle information by connecting your AirLink routers to the vehicle diagnostic port.

Out–of-the-box Reporting

Gain immediate insights with our pre-defined reports that can be scheduled or run on-demand:

  • Coverage Map
  • Coverage Trails (single and multi-radio)
  • Driver Behavior
  • Engine Fault Summary
  • Link Utilization
  • Odometer
  • Seat Belt
  • Trip Replay
  • Trips Report
  • Vehicle Reporting
  • Vehicle Utilization
  • Zone Summary

Learn More

Coverage Mapping

Extensive coverage mapping — leveraging multi-radio routers capabilities — can help you gain a deep understanding of cellular coverage in your area. Drive tests with a single router allow for direct comparison of multiple carriers.

GPS Geofencing

Upload KML files or create Zones that define geographic areas for your territory. Use zones to limit report results (include and exclude) during report generation.

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Trip Analysis

Trip reports and trip replays allow you to monitor your vehicles trips – location, coverage, distance, speed.

Fleet Management

Fleet management reports provide data-driven insights on your fleet. This can help you perform preventive and timely maintenance to reduce long-term operational costs.

Driver Behavior

Keep your drivers safe and responsible with the driver behavior reports that monitor hard acceleration, deceleration, cornering and speeding.


Troubleshooting reports, such as the engine fault summary report, allow you to identify and address vehicle problems before they cause major damage.

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