How Digitalli was able to Get Global Connectivity with a Single Point-of-Management for its IoT Deployment

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Based in Paris, Digitalli is an audiovisual communication company that creates, produces and installs video experiences for luxury retailers. 


Digitalli was looking for a remote monitoring and cellular connectivity solution to maintain and operate its digital screen equipment efficiently across multiple sites.

  • Fast turnaround time for SIMs
  • Full access to retail Telstra coverage
  • Integration with IPND within the 24-hour compliance period
  • Full voice support on 4G networks
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  • Smart Connectivity for AirLink®


Digitalli provides high-end audiovisual experiences for retailers in the luxury sector, with clients including leading brands such as LVMH, L’Oréal, PUIG, and many more. Digitalli specializes in creating, designing and producing point-of-sales films and adverts that can be used as part of in-store displays to promote products. What sets the company apart is that it can handle the entire end-to-end process, from scripting the film to installing and managing the audiovisual and technology systems. The company also offers a range of interactive solutions such as touchscreen technology, as well as tracking, presence and motion sensors, so displays can adapt to the movement and position of customers. 

One of the challenges that Digitalli has is monitoring its installed equipment to make sure that it is functioning correctly. Having screens that suddenly stop working can damage the consumer experience and impact the visual aesthetic of a store. This translates into lower sales and a poorer brand image. However, sending in maintenance crews to regularly check on the equipment, or fix screens when there are unexpected outages, is expensive. As a result, Digitalli was looking to implement an IoT solution with an advanced management platform that would enable it to remotely monitor all of the assets in its network and keep track of how they are functioning.

Cellular connectivity

Deploying an IoT solution in a retail environment is not straightforward. Most stores only use the internet to connect point-of-sale systems for payment. To make Wi-Fi available for other applications, managed by 3rd parties, requires multiple internal approvals and security clearances. Generally speaking, retailers do not like to do this, as it results in a multitude of requests from other vendors and can also create security and operational risks.

Consequently, Digitalli wanted to implement a cellular connectivity solution to connect its assets independently of the systems of its retail partners. Cellular is an excellent option for the IoT, as it provides robust coverage anywhere in the world and superior security. However, it can come with challenges. If the company has a global footprint, it may have to manage multiple SIM vendors and product inventories. In addition, it can be difficult to track costs across different jurisdictions. With little visibility over expenditure, there is the risk of overspending. For large stores that regularly update their videos, cellular data consumption can easily reach 2GB a month. Therefore, it is vital that data consumption is closely monitored, with alerts if certain thresholds are breached.

Sierra Routers icon

Sierra brought the right set
of technologies to the table:
a robust router; a good
management platform;
and Smart Connectivity for
AirLink which enabled us to
access the best available
cellular network regardless
of what part of the world
the store was located in.

Bertrand Degien
Co-Founder and General Manager, Digitalli


Previously, Digitalli had used standard 4G routers and regular cellular connectivity. Due to its large multi-location footprint and the sophistication of its audiovisual equipment, the company decided that it required more advanced functionality, especially around monitoring and cost control.

Small but powerful

Sierra Wireless’ AirLink LX40 is a compact, robust and secure router that instantly connects to cellular networks. The LX40 has the data speed to support IoT applications such as IP cameras, point-of-sale terminals and indoor and outdoor video screens. It supports low-power wide-area (LPWA) technologies, including LTE-M or NB-IoT, which were created for the IoT and ensure very reliable coverage in indoor spaces, as well as basements and places that can be hard to connect. This means that Digitalli can set up its screens in the optimal location in a store, without concerns about the availability of landline connection. 

Simplifying the IoT journey

Later on, Digitalli opted for Sierra’s Smart Connectivity for AirLink, using an embedded eSIM and not a physical SIM. This makes management far easier, as the device SIMs can be activated over-the-air and do not have to be provisioned separately. The eSIM’s are pre-integrated, so they provide instant out-of-the-box global connectivity. Digitalli’s screens are located in public locations, so they can be vulnerable to hackers targeting the physical infrastructure as a way of accessing the network. With concealed eSIMs, the Sierra Wireless solution protects them from tampering or theft and improves security. 

Connect your IoT assets anywhere in the world

Sierra’ Smart Connectivity for AirLink is designed to keep IoT devices connected anywhere in the world. It includes a global SIM that securely connects to cellular networks in 160+ countries. Digitalli presently has 250 screens in France that have cellular connectivity in multiple locations, and it is also looking to connect its equipment at stores in Germany, Switzerland the UK and is planning to expand in Asia, especially the Chinese market. Getting instant global connectivity for its IoT devices without managing multiple vendors and networks was a significant plus. Sierra’s core network also maintains access to multiple networks in every country. If there is any disruption, it can automatically connect to the next best available option, minimizing downtime.

Centralized connectivity and device management

Digitalli can remotely activate the service and monitor the functioning of its equipment on a global scale and troubleshoot any issues. They have a single point-of-contact and a single monthly invoice which greatly improves efficiency and simplifies the procurement process. 

Worldwide icon

The combination of both hardware and connectivity made it easy for Digitalli to provide best-in-class digital signage solutions in stores where the internet was not available. Having a single platform to remotely activate and manage both the hardware and connectivity component makes our implementation significantly easier. Being able to manage the devices, cellular subscription and billing from a single platform is a huge efficiency gain, and means we can avoid the logistical nightmare of having to place multiple orders with different vendors.

Bertrand Degien
Co-Founder and General Manager, Digitalli


Digitalli has realized many benefits by opting for Smart Connectivity for AirLink, including:

  • Remote monitoring 
  • Global connectivity
  • Maximum uptime
  • Simplified IoT Journey 
  • Single management platform 
  • One point of accountability

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