City of Clermont-Ferrand Reduces Street-Light Operating Costs by 40% per Annum with Sogexi and Sierra Wireless

The City of Clermont-Ferrand has deployed Sogexi street lighting telemanagement system across the municipality, with over 16,000 lights in operation. Sogexi has over 30 years of experience and innovation in the field of street lighting backed by international patents.

Business Challenge

The City’s goal in deploying the Sogexi infrastructure was to improve overall maintenance and reduce energy consumption.

Although the solution was designed to interface with the city-wide fiber optic network which connects all access controls for public buildings and variety of smart applications, the City determined that doing so would be cost prohibitive and asked for a wireless solution.

Sierra Wireless AirLink Solution

Sogexi, who was awarded the contract by the City in 2011, had already been working with Sierra Wireless for several years to integrate an AirLink® programmable modem into its solution to provide wireless access. In such a solution, host processors are housed in control units across the city, which aggregate groups of streetlight fixtures and are able to control every individual street lamp. The AirLink device monitors the control unit and provides remote connectivity, allowing the data to be sent over the cellular network to AirLink® Management Service (ALMS), which stores all the data and presents it to various applications and users for action.

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