Industrial Networking

Remote monitoring and control of fixed assets and infrastructure provides a great opportunity for improved efficiencies for companies that are highly distributed. In the industrial world, every minute of downtime can translate to significant revenue losses, so being securely and reliably onnected has a real impact on the bottom line.

Sierra Wireless AirLink® industrial LTE gateways provide an out-of-the box solution for monitoring remote assets including Smart Grid, Pipelines, Meters, Industrial Equipment and Smart City Infrastructure.

AirLink RV50/RV50X & Network Management

AirLink RV50/RV50X & Network Management

The AirLink® RV50 is the industry’s lowest power and most rugged LTE gateway. Simple to install and easy to manage, the RV50 industrial gateway is designed to connect critical assets and infrastructure. Ideal for industrial-grade applications in energy, utilities and smart-city infrastructure, the RV50 provides real-time remote connectivity for SCADA, distribution management systems and metering.

The AirLink® RV50X adds LTE Advanced capabilities, supporting an extensive range of LTE bands worldwide, including Band 28 and Band 12, and delivering up to 300 Mbps downlink speeds.

Network Management: In the Cloud

AirLink Management Service (ALMS) is a secure, centralized, cloud-based network and asset management solution, designed for both fixed and mobile deployments, that supports over-the-air registration, configuration and updates for the complete portfolio of AirLink gateways and routers. Variables such as signal strength, network technology and location, can be remotely monitored and managed to help maintain connectivity. Dashboards display up-to-date views of the entire deployment, and custom alerts can be set-up to monitor and report critical events, increase efficiency and prevent downtime.

Network Management: In the Enterprise

Designed for applications where cloud-based management is not an option, the AirLink® Manager (AM) is a leading-edge, end-to-end on-premises network management solution that enables simplified, remote and real-time mass configuration, control and troubleshooting of fixed AirLink® routers and gateways, connected infrastructure and mission critical applications.

AirLink Services

AirLink® Professional Services

Sierra Wireless’ Professional Services team provides full product life-cycle services to deliver the most comprehensive and high-performance networking solutions to all of our valued partners and customers.

We are pleased to offer a full suite of Professional Services, including: Implementation; Proof of Concept; Solution Optimization; Staff Augmentation; System Audit; Training Services. 

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AirLink® Support

AirLink routers and gateways come with the industry’s best out-of-the-box coverage.

For organizations with complex or large network deployments that require additional servicing over the life of their devices, Sierra Wireless is pleased to offer two optional and comprehensive support packages — AirLink® Support Classic and AirLink® Support Preferred.

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