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Public Safety Solutions

Use Cases


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Increase Safety

Gain real-time situational awareness and always-on, real-time communications with fellow first responders and dispatch.

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Accelerate Collaboration

Simplify and speed collaboration between other officers, other first responder organizations and command center personnel.

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Ensure Accountability

Communicate and archive situational insights in real-time using video, audio, data and vehicle telemetry.

AirLink® Solutions for Public Safety

AirLink highly ruggedized Pro routers are purpose-built for demanding Public Safety applications in law enforcement, fire, EMS and utilities. They are built to handle wide temperature extremes, high vibration and high moisture environments. They also handle wide power fluctuations and surges that are common when running from vehicle power. Beyond their robust build, Pro routers have VPN security and intelligent and secure management with remote and real-time monitoring and expert technical support.

AirLink Pro – Ultimate Routers

Ultimate 5G and Wi-Fi 6 multi-network connectivity.

With dual 5G option, up to 256 Wi-Fi clients, 5 GPIO and telemetry capabilities, ultimate routers are ideal for agencies requiring maximum speed and always-on connectivity.

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AirLink Services

Connecting your critical assets goes beyond deploying a router. It requires real-time visibility, robust security and proactive management of large-scale networks from multiple locations. Our comprehensive suite of services is designed to give you full visibility and control over your network.

The AirLink® Difference

Public safety organizations rely on ruggedized AirLink Pro routers to ensure always-on connectivity when it is needed the most.

Public Safety-Grade Security and Control

The Reliable Link for Your Mobile Workforce

AirLink Connection Manager (ACM) is a FIPS 140-2 Compliant VPN virtual appliance that securely extends the enterprise network to your mobile workforce. Designed to work with all AirLink® routers, the ACM is designed to meet the specific needs and constraints of mission-critical mobile applications.

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Gain Ultimate Security and Control with Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud is an optional feature that merges the benefits of cloud technology with on-premise security controls for the management of your AirLink routers. Benefit from local control and network isolation, while relying on a leading cloud infrastructure that scales with your needs.

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