InMotion Solutions

We are happy to announce that InMotion Solutions is now part of the Sierra Wireless’ AirLink® Vehicle Networking portfolio! 

Learn more about our NEW Multi-Network Vehicle Solution—the AirLink MG90—successor to InMotion Solutions’ oMG Mobile Gateway.

Rugged Multi-Network Mobile Gateway

oMG Mobile Gateway

The oMG Mobile Gateway (oMG) is specifically designed to deliver secure, persistent, wireless wide area networking for vehicles.

The oMG can be configured with multiple embedded WAN access technologies to provide uninterrupted data connectivity with unsurpassed throughput. Supported technologies include commercial cellular LTE, public safety broadband LTE (FirstNet), 2.4GHz or 5GHz Wi-Fi and 4.9 GHz broadband. It is also able to accept many consumer USB modems provided by your carrier for economical connectivity.

The oMG is designed to be the central communications hub in the vehicle. Costly data plans can be reduced as multiple devices can simultaneously share the WAN uplink via Ethernet, Serial, USB, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz MIMO, utilizing an external antenna to provide the best possible throughput and reach in and around the vehicle.

The oMG’s network policy engine enables intelligent switching between networks, based on a variety of operational factors. A patented, cognitive wireless system automatically senses, assesses and selects the best available network.

The latest encryption and authentication standards are supported to ensure the enterprise network remains fully secure – even for devices that do not support VPN clients. Combining the oMG with the AirLink Connection Manager (ACM) —a mobile optimized VPN Server —enables the mobilization of enterprise applications that cannot tolerate connection disruptions, require static IP addresses or need to meet the FIPS 140-2 security standard.



As the enterprise networks evolve, such as when Wi-Fi credentials need to change, the oMG can be remotely configured through the AirLink Mobility Manager (AMM).

The oMG includes a built-in GPS receiver, and can be configured to collect data from the vehicle telemetry bus. Working in conjunction with AMM, value-added applications such as vehicle tracking, vehicle telemetry, RFID asset tracking, and remote device access can be fully realized.

Download oMG Datasheet
Advanced Network Management

In the Enterprise or Hosted Service:
AirLink® Mobility Management (AMM)

AirLink® Mobility Manager (AMM) is a licensed, unified software platform which can be deployed in the enterprise data center, and provides a consolidated network view of an entire fleet.


Sierra Wireless - AMM

Mobile Multi-Network Security

AirLink® Connection Manager (ACM)

Secure IP Mobility, Sub-Second Switching

The AirLink® Connection Manager (ACM) is a mobile-optimized VPN server that securely extends the enterprise network to the vehicle. Designed to work with AirLink® gateways and routers, the ACM consolidates security onto a single platform for all connected devices and applications in the vehicle area network.


Sierra Wireless - ACM

AirLink Services and Support

AirLink® Professional Services

Sierra Wireless’ Professional Services team provides full deployment services to deliver the most comprehensive and high-performance networking solutions to all of our valued partners and customers.

We are pleased to offer a full suite of Professional Services, including: Implementation; Proof of Concept; Solution Optimization; Staff Augmentation; System Audit; Training Services.

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AirLink® Support

AirLink routers and gateways come with the industry’s best out-of-the-box coverage.

For organizations with complex or large network deployments that require additional servicing over the life of their devices, Sierra Wireless is pleased to offer two optional and comprehensive support packages —AirLink® Support Classic and AirLink® Support Preferred.

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