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More than 80% of the Top 20 US Utilities use AirLink routers for smart grid deployments and vehicle fleets. AirLink® LTE and 5G routers deliver high reliability best-in-class connectivity for mission critical infrastructure monitoring and control. Rugged design makes AirLink routers perfect for field operations at temperature extremes and in remote locations. Utility vehicles use AirLink routers to communicate with dispatch and emergency services when needed.

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AirLink® XR90

The supercharged AirLink XR90 is purpose-built for vehicle applications such as Transit and Public Safety. With dual-5G cellular radios and dual independent 4x4 Wi-Fi 6 radio, it is the highest performing, most flexible router in the Sierra portfolio.

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AirLink® XR80

The supercharged AirLink® XR80 is optimized for fixed applications. With 5G/4G LTE CAT 20 and single Wi-Fi 6, the XR80 delivers the performance and flexibility for customized configurations.

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AirLink® RX55

The AirLink® RX55 is optimized for Industrial IoT with ultra-low power consumption and a rugged design for extreme conditions.

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AirLink® RV50X

The AirLink® RV50X is the industry’s lowest power ruggedized LTE gateway, designed to connect critical assets and infrastructure.


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Real-Time Monitoring and Control

  • Monitor and control critical functionality and react to overloads in real time using always-on connectivity.
  • Leverage dual-radio connectivity for mission critical monitoring and control.


Rugged Reliability

  • Perform flawlessly in wide temperature, humidity and power extremes.
  • Operate in remote locations using solar and battery power.

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Ultimate Security

  • Help protect critical power grid and water systems from cyber attacks and data breaches.
  • Leverage device and patch management to keep devices current with firmware updates and security patches.


Future Proof Design

  • AirLink routers operate on private and public cellular networks using 5G, 4G LTE and low-power wide-area (LPWA) networks.
  • Leverage edge computing to reduce system latency and network traffic.

Use Cases

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AirLink Services

Ensuring your devices operate at peak performance, optimal security and at the most efficient cost. The AirLink Services Portfolio is comprised of AirLink Complete to empower you with the tools to self-manage devices, AirLink Premium with device management and robust reporting, and AirLink Support packages for the MG90.

Device Management

In the Cloud: AirLink Management Service

Sierra Wireless offers a complete portfolio of AirLink® Device Management Solutions, available in the cloud or on premises, that enable organizations to remotely monitor, configure and control connected AirLink® routers, and applications.
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