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Enterprise Networking

Use Cases


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Ensure 24/7 Operations

Eliminate downtime if primary cable/fiber fails by instantly switching to cellular connectivity. Or use cellular as a reliable primary business connection.


Securely Manage Your Business

Seamless track business operations, adhere to business compliance standards and protect against threats.


Accelerate Business Expansion

Instantly connect to new locations without waiting to schedule or run cable or fiber. Add new branches, kiosks and digital signage quickly to meet business demand.

AirLink® Solutions for Enterprise

AirLink Essential routers provide an effective balance of secure and reliable connectivity for Enterprise networking. They are purpose-built for business-critical applications in indoor and protected outdoor location. The AirLink LX60 comes with GNSS navigation capabilities for use in commercial vehicles including light trucks and taxis. The AirLink LX40 comes with PoE (Power Over Ethernet) capabilities, perfect for IP security camera installations and light industrial applications.
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AirLink Services

Connecting your critical assets goes beyond deploying a router. It requires real-time visibility, robust security and proactive management of large-scale networks from multiple locations. Our comprehensive suite of services is designed to give you full visibility and control over your network.

The AirLink® Difference

Whether you’re looking for primary or failover capability, our Essential routers provide a one-stop networking solution to easily and reliably connect your business-critical operations.​

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Have an expert help you choose a router option that best fits your project.

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