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CleanRobotics, a Pennsylvania-based company, has a clear and ambitious mission: to revolutionize waste and resource recovery. The company recognizes that one of the biggest challenges in achieving this goal is the confusion the general public often faces when it comes to selecting the right bin for waste disposal. To solve this problem, CleanRobotics has developed TrashBot, a smart recycling bin that can automatically sort waste based on AI-powered technology.


CleanRobotics needed a robust and reliable cellular connectivity solution to connect its rapidly expanding network of Smart Recycling Bins.


Partnering with Semtech has enabled CleanRobotics to:

  • Save both time and money when deploying new Smart Recycling Bins with a “plug-and-play” model that eliminates the need to rely on local Wi-Fi capabilities.
  • Provide robust and reliable connectivity at any location for remote monitoring and management of the deployed smart recycling bin, as well as over-the-air video content management.
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CleanRobotics is a mission-driven company dedicated to making recycling smarter and easier by leveraging the latest advancements in AI and robotics technology. Their flagship product, TrashBot, is a game-changer in the waste disposal industry, as it can accurately identify and sort waste materials as they are thrown away. This ensures that all recyclable and recoverable materials are properly diverted from landfills, helping companies achieve their zero-waste goals.

TrashBots have been successfully deployed in high-traffic venues such as airports, hospitals, and stadiums, as well as in various organizations. Thanks to its state-of-the-art technology, TrashBot boasts an impressive 96% accuracy rate, as opposed to the meager 30% achieved by traditional recycling bins.


The smart recycling bin developed by CleanRobotics has advanced capabilities that require robust and always-on connectivity to be fully utilized. For instance, the bin can generate high-quality data that can be used in waste audits to improve decision making, and it features a large display that provides real-time feedback on the types of materials being discarded. Additionally, the smart recycling bin can send fill level alerts to improve waste collection efficiency.

Relying on Wi-Fi connectivity at the local facility – airport,stadium, campus etc. – has proven to be very challenging and time-consuming for CleanRobotics. First, each deployment requires integration with the local Internet infrastructure, which typically triggers lengthy integration and security audits. These audits can strain the resources of local IT teams and severely impact the deployment planning. In addition, some facilities cannot provide the robust and reliable connectivity required for continuous connectivity. Local Wi-Fi connectivity can be inconsistent, especially in high-traffic areas such as airports, or even non-existent in some facilities.

As a result, CleanRobotics opted for a cellular IoT solution to connect its smart recycling bins, and after testing different cellular router solutions, selected Semtech’ AirLink router solutions. AirLink solutions provide both dependable hardware and a comprehensive remote management platform, making device provisioning, setup, and monitoring seamless and hassle-free.

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We found that installation times really impacted our business model and were also very frustrating for our customers. There were lengthy security audits we had to go through to connect the TrashBots to the local Wi-Fi systems. And the worst part is going through all these processes only to find out that network connectivity is sporadic or non-existent.

Tanner Cook
VP of Engineering & Co-founder CleanRobotics


CleanRobotics has partnered with Semtech to seamlessly connect the deployed Trashbots. Each TrashBot is equipped with an AirLink LX40 router, enabling easy installation as a plug-and-play model. The AirLink router is easy to deploy and operate, and can be managed remotely via the AirLink Management Service platform. The smart recycling bin is ready to use out of the box, without affecting the facility’s local communications network.

The robustness and reliability of the AirLink solution is also critical to CleanRobotics, as it enables continuous remote monitoring and management of the deployed equipment. The smart recycling bin generates high-quality data for waste audits and fill level alerts. With the AirLink solution, this information can be sent back in real time, improving custodial efficiency and enabling close monitoring of the performance of the deployed TrashBot, as well as over-the-air upgrades.

Last but not least, the facility can use the large built-in screen for advertising or educational content, such as videos on recycling best practices. The always-on connectivity provided by the AirLink solution allows the facility to easily push new content to the deployed TrashBots.



Partnering with Semtech has provided many benefits for CleanRobotics:

  • Simplified deployment through a “plug-and-play” model, that saves time and money both in setting up new TrashBots and in ongoing management and monitoring.
  • Robust connectivity in all environments through AirLink routers, ensuring that CleanRobotics’ customers can take full advantage of the TrashBot’s real-time, high quality data and over-the-air video content management.
  • Efficient management of a growing network of deployed equipment through AirLink Management Service. The service enables centralized monitoring of device performance, firmware or security upgrades, and issue resolution, ensuring that CleanRobotics can maintain the highest level of service for its customers.

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We partnered with Semtech because their AirLink solutions met our key criteria. They are easy to set up with a plug-and-play model, and they are also extremely reliable, providing maximum uptime.

Tanner Cook
VP of Engineering & Co-founder CleanRobotics

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