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Transit and Vehicle Networking

Use Cases


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Lower Costs

Improve vehicle routing, reduce miles driven and unnecessary truck rolls. Monitor vehicles for maintenance issues and address them in real time.

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Increase Safety

Add real-time video monitoring to protect drivers and passengers. Monitor driver behavior and routes driven.

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New Business Opportunities

Add passenger connectivity experiences and deliver updated digital signage. Future proof using 5G to add new services as they become available.

AirLink® Solutions for Vehicle Networking

AirLink highly ruggedized Pro router are purpose-built for demanding vehicle applications. They are built to handle wide temperature extremes, high vibration and high moisture environments, and are designed to operate directly from vehicle power that typically has wide voltage fluctuations and surges. Beyond their robust built, Pro routers have VPN security and intelligent and secure management with remote, real-time monitoring and expert technical support.

AirLink Pro – Ultimate Routers

For the most demanding applications, Ultimate routers provide ultimate multi-network 5G and Wi-Fi performance.

The dual independent Wi-Fi 6 antennas of the XR90 make it the ideal choice for complex deployments such as transit with passenger Wi-Fi applications. With a single 5X4 MIMO Wi-Fi-6 radio, the XR80 is a good fit for applications where a single Wi-Fi antenna is preferred.
XR90 Card XR80 card
AirLink Complete Diagram

AirLink Services

Connecting your critical assets goes beyond deploying a router. It requires real-time visibility, robust security and proactive management of large-scale networks from multiple locations. Our comprehensive suite of services is designed to give you full visibility and control over your network.

The AirLink® Difference

AirLink Pro routers are purpose-built to withstand the rigors of vehicle usage and provide reliable connectivity for mission and business-critical operations.

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Have an expert help you choose a router option that best fits your project.

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