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Bring your commercial washing machines services to market faster and at a lower cost. Our fully-integrated device-to-cloud solution gives commercial washing machine providers the intelligent data orchestration and connectivity they need to fuel innovative IoT-enabled services that drive new revenue streams.

Transition to Selling Services

Commercial washing machine providers are using the Industrial IoT (IIoT) to expand their businesses. They are leveraging data, generated by machines in the field, to make services a significant revenue stream.

New, value-added services such as real-time monitoring, remote troubleshooting, and predictive maintenance help equipment makers set themselves apart from the competition and generate recurring revenues that buffer their business against times of economic uncertainty. Furthermore, such services increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

For more than 25 years, Sierra Wireless has been helping companies in the industrial sector design, develop, and deploy reliable and cost-effective IoT-based solutions. We provide the only device-to-cloud solution for IoT and offer proven expertise to help you leverage real-time data to grow your business.

Increase Revenue with New Services Driven by IoT Data

Deliver new services, for a better customer experience

IoT enables washing machine manufacturers to deliver new services, for a better customer experience. It also facilitates new business models based on usage and consumption for new revenue streams.

Reduce Unplanned Downtime with Predictive Maintenance

Industrial IoT-based systems let washing machine operators gather useful data including temperature, water flow, load weight, cycle times and current operating status. It helps them assess performance in real time and make changes where necessary, even predicting the likelihood that a washing machine is about to fail. It also reveals usage patterns over longer periods, providing actionable intelligence that laundries can use to improve operations Schedule onsite visits according to need, and actual wear and tear, not the calendar.

Increase Revenue with New Usage-based Business Models

IoT creates new opportunities for service-based business models. Technology empowers manufacturers to offer washing machines not as a capital expense but under a subscription model, installed for a nominal fee and then paid for over time based on usage.

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The Power of Data Orchestration for Commercial Washing Machines

For many washing machine OEMs, the IIoT is still a new and exciting prospect. The IIoT‘s full potential is just dawning for this industry. The future holds more possibilities. The era of the connected laundry is only just beginning.

Technology Overview

Connecting Industrial Washing Machines

In our years of experience helping companies deploy Industrial IoT applications, we’ve developed a clear view of what works and what’s to be avoided.  We are committed to help commercial washing machine manufacturers take advantage of the Industrial IoT. We enable OEMs to collect industrial data and act upon it by providing the secure device-to-cloud (D2C) infrastructure they need. Our all-in-one D2C platform is optimized for cellular IoT. It offers capabilities including edge data processing, wireless network connectivity, and unique data orchestration and device management features.

Sierra Wireless brings 25 years of experience managing connected device technology. Our end-to-end solutions dramatically reduce IoT deployment times, even for projects operating on a global scale. We have extensive experience with the world’s leading commercial washing machine manufacturers, and we offer a full solution set to support your device-to-cloud needs at all layers of the stack including:

Our pre-certified wireless solutions, expert professional services, and strong relationships with the world’s leading wireless carriers accelerate network certification and integration. We help customers deploy new applications in weeks instead of months.

By starting with Sierra, companies manufacturing commercial washing machines can be confident they’ll create an IoT deployment that offers the right combination of simplicity, security, and scalability – all while triggering a transition from product-based to service-based offerings.

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