AirVantage® Data Insights

AirVantage® Data Insights A cloud-based platform that helps you securely extract, manage, orchestrate and act on data from your connected equipment to increase your company’s productivity and streamline operations. Contact Us AirVantage Data Insights Securely manage and orchestrate data from your cellular and LoRaWAN®-based devices to your cloud. Get the right data, at the right […]

AirVantage® Smart Sensing

AirVantage® Smart Sensing A turnkey solution for deploying low-power IoT sensing easily.​ Contact Us AirVantage Smart Sensing – A Turnkey Sensing Solution For companies seeking to harness the benefits of IoT without grappling with technical intricacies, AirVantage Smart Sensing offers a turnkey solution for managing the design and configuration of a secure and scalable sensor […]

Broadband Access

AirVantage® Broadband Access An AirVantage Managed Solution with a portfolio of offerings providing stress-free, cost-effective, and reliable internet management under a single vendor for a complete solution. Contact Us A Complete solution A fully managed portfolio of offerings provides stress-free, cost-effective, and reliable internet management under a single vendor for a complete solution. Staying Connected […]


Carrier+ Use your preferred carrier SIMs for deployments across the US, Canada, and Mexico with the convenience of managing them all through a single platform. ​ Buy Now Connect any device, for any use case in North America Regardless of technology or carrier we have you covered for your IoT deployment with plans from the […]

5G is Transforming Video Surveillance

5G is Transforming Video Surveillance 5G’s low latency and high data throughput will enable streaming ultra-high-definition video in real time, supported by advanced analytics. This will have a major impact for smart cities, transportation networks and commercial environments Learn more Unlocking Powerful New Capabilities with 5G Sharper More Detailed Images A 5G network can provide […]

Satellite Tracking

AirVantage® Satellite Tracking An AirVantage Managed Solution for global asset tracking for companies whose cargo moves around the world, often out of reach of cellular networks. Contact Us Satellite Tracking An AirVantage Managed Solution for companies whose cargo moves around the world, often out of reach of cellular networks. With low earth orbit satellite tracking, […]

Device Control

AirVantage® Device Control A proven cloud service that lets you securely onboard, configure, monitor, and manage your cellular modules and gateways as well as LoRaWAN®-based devices – at scale and throughout their lifecycle. Get Started AirVantage Device Control Easily and securely onboard, monitor, control and update your cellular modules and LoRaWAN®-based devices so that you […]

AirVantage IoT Platform

One Management Platform For AirVantage® Services Keep your global IoT connectivity deployments under control through a single IoT Management Platform. Get Started Connectivity Management Device Control Data Insights Hardware AirVantage FOTA IoT Security Manage all your cellular edge devices and subscriptions from Semtech and other selected operators with the AirVantage self-service portal, to simplify your […]

Smart Connectivity

AirVantage® Smart Connectivity One Global SIM, One IoT Management Platform, One IoT Partner Universal coverage that is carrier agnostic and without restrictions “Always On” connectivity enabled by automatic switching between profiles Enabled by eUICC Learn More AirVantage Smart Connectivity AirVantage Smart Connectivity provides global coverage with access to 600 networks in more than 190 countries: […]

IoT Services

AirVantage® Services We Make IoT Easier Purpose-built portfolio of industry-leading connectivity and cloud services that simplify and enrich your IoT deployments Get Started Get the Connectivity, Control and Insight You Need With AirVantage Services Our family of industry-leading IoT services helps you simplify and scale IoT connectivity, device management, data management and orchestration, and IoT […]