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5G is Transforming Video Surveillance

Unlocking Powerful New Capabilities with 5G

Sharper More Detailed Images

A 5G network can provide an image resolution that is 20-40 times greater. 5G connectivity can transmit unprocessed RAW images.

Real-Time Monitoring and Automated Surveillance

5G networks can offer low latency enabling real-time monitoring, to respond more quickly to events and emergencies.

Super-Fast Data Download

5G networks are massively increasing the amount of data that can be transferred and downloaded and this is transforming what is possible with security deployments.

Higher Concentration Density

With 5G it is possible to connect 10x the amount possible with 4G LTE. 5G enables network slicing, where thousands of individual virtual networks are created within a physical network.

Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics

5G offers a quantum leap in both speed and throughput, and this greatly expands the scope for video analytics and artificial intelligence. 5G supports 3D facial recognition that can work in low light areas.

High Security Standards

Security is a major concern for any surveillance system. Both 4G and 5G cellular networks are encrypted by default, which results in very strong security standards.

Making Cities Smarter With 5G Video Surveillance

Smart city operators need smart video surveillance. With 5G connectivity, cameras are given the extra functionality they need to support several aspects of the municipal operation.

Commercial Environments

Video surveillance has a positive impact in commercial and industrial spaces. The use of smart surveillance cameras in wireless spaces brings numerous benefits.

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5G Video Surveillance in Construction

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