Sierra Wireless Connectivity Solutions Enable High-Density Video Security

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The company is a leader in security systems for highly secure commercial installations. Its solutions combine innovations in machine learning, AI, networking technology, and sensors.

  • Deploy a connectivity solution for hundreds of installations worldwide
  • Allow for high gigabytes of data per device without throttling
  • Provide always-on connectivity to collect and send real-time video
  • Connectivity deployed on hundreds of installations around the world
  • A large amount of high-density video is streamed live from each installation with low latency and no throttling
  • Data ranges from 200GB to 500GB per month per device
Sierra Wireless Products & Services
  • AirLink® RV55 routers
  • Enhanced Carrier Connectivity in NAM
  • Smart Connectivity in EMEA
  • AirVantage IoT connectivity platform


The customer wanted to utilize technical innovations in machine learning, artificial intelligence, networking technology, and sensors to develop a surveillance system for all types of sites. The solution would include stationary components – such as surveillance towers – as well as back-end cloud infrastructure. The solution required secure and reliable high-speed connectivity.


The company designed a surveillance solution for perimeter and border security at various high-security sites. The solution has a minimal footprint and includes sensor and networking technology as well as solar power. Customers can deploy the solution quickly and it requires minimal support even in harsh conditions. The solution performs real-time analysis and filters data to optimize data transmission to the cloud. 

The company’s cloud platform uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and mesh networking to provide an accurate operating picture and integrates third-party data to provide complete situational awareness.

Hundreds of installations connect to the cloud platform using Sierra Wireless connectivity solutions. In North America, the sentry towers are equipped with AirLink RV55 routers and Enhanced Carrier Connectivity. Enhanced Carrier Connectivity provides a competitive rate and cost-saving features from North American carriers. In Europe, connectivity is through Wireless Smart Connectivity. Smart Connectivity is a single, global, SIM which accesses more than 600 partner LTE and LPWA networks in more than 190 countries. Each SIM currently uses 200GB to 500GB per month.

The company easily integrated the new SIMs into an existing fleet of SIMs, and all are managed on AirVantage, the Sierra Wireless connectivity management platform. 


By utilizing Sierra Wireless Enhanced Carrier Connectivity and Smart Connectivity, the company was able to quickly deploy a surveillance solution to provide perimeter and border security at multiple critical facilities and locations. Sierra Wireless services high-density, high-throughput video, which is then analyzed in the company’s cloud platform to ensure safe and secure operations. 

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The company is a leader in security systems




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RV55 Routers
Enhanced Carrier Connectivity
Smart Connectivity
AirVantage IoT Connectivity platform

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