Automated Vending Machines Service High-End Merchandise Using AirLink® Gateways

ZoomSystems, based in San Francisco, CA, develops automated stores that provide consumers an interactive retail experience. The company’s nationwide network consists of more than 300 automated stores in high-traffic locations, such as airports, malls and hotels. The stores enable brand leaders, such as Sony, Proactiv Solution, Motorola and Jonhson & Johnson, to have high visibility at a fraction of the cost of traditional billboard advertising.

Business Challenge

ZoomSystems has been experiencing a major growth spurt as retailers and brand leaders begin to embrace the company’s automated store concept. Airports, for example, experience massive foot traffic and provide ideal ‘impulsive purchase’ situations. The captivity of an airport audience is a significant factor in the success of these automated store locations.

By far the most expensive part of the automated store installation process is pulling Ethernet cable. Costs range from $1,000 - $5,000 to hardwire a location, and in some areas landlines are not even an option. In addition, airport facilities present vendors with extra “red tape”, which causes immense administrative burdens.

Sierra Wireless AirLink Solution

In order to alleviate the cost and time required to install DSL, ZoomSystems turned to digital cellular connectivity. The leading cellular provider referred ZoomSystems to Sierra Wireless, to complete the wireless solution, which consisted of the Sierra Wireless AirLink® intelligent wireless gateway.

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