VoicePlus Improves Retail’s Ability to Service Customers While Improving Operations

VoicePlus specializes in helping customers leverage the power of cellular networks by providing Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM). The company’s full range of services enable agile productive teams by keeping people connected, while delivering measurable financial benefits by automating and securing mobility. The company has expertise in the management of endpoint computing devices, telecoms expense management, enterprise mobility management and support services. Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Australia, VoicePlus is the partner of choice for over 600 medium and large enterprise customers.

Business Challenge

VoicePlus wanted to develop a managed 4G router solution for their customers to address the connectivity challenges associated with landline services. They recognized that with a wireless solution, they could address many more use-cases than a “wired” router. But they needed to find a product that included a management solution that would feed connectivity data to the Atrium portal environment.

Sierra Wireless Enterprise Networking Solution

VoicePlus identified the Sierra Wireless AirLink® routers as a solution which could enable them to provide the level of managed services their customers needed. As part of their “Rapid Router Kit”, the AirLink MP70 cellular router allows customers to set up connectivity simply and quickly, and with pre-configuration by VoicePlus allows the router to be on air in minutes.

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