Pulse Energy Taps Cellular for Rapidly Deployable Solution in Problem Areas

Pulse Energy was founded in 2006 to dramatically improve the energy efficiency of existing buildings. The company’s integrated hardware/software product collects, analyzes and communicates real-time energy intelligence for building operators and management, providing savings of 5-25% from improved operating efficiency.

Business Challenge

Pulse Energy is often required to deploy in locations where there is no access to either their customer’s local area network or a direct line to the internet. The process of installing a wired connection to the internet can be tedious and to overcome some of the challenges presented by wired connectivity. Pulse Energy began using data loggers with built-in cellular modems. However, the consistency for a reliable connection greatly varied.

Sierra Wireless AirLink Solution

Pulse Energy began searching for a reliable wireless solution and was introduced to the Sierra Wireless AirLink® gateways by one of their existing customers who had deployed the Pulse Energy solution as part of their own continuous optimization program for commercial buildings. Pulse Energy tested the devices internally, and after deploying to a number of pilot sites, determined that the AirLink intelligent gateways provided the best wireless solution for their needs.

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