AirLink® Management Service (ALMS)

The AirLink® Management Service is a secure cloud-based management solution that makes it easy to deploy, monitor and upgrade any number of gateways and routers remotely.

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Eliminate tedious manual configurations, reduce in-field support visits and keep your devices operating at peak performance.

Feature Comparison
AirLink Management Service
AirLink Manager
AirLink Mobility Manager

Data Location

Cloud On-Premise Cloud or On-Premise

Asset Type

Fixed & Mobile Fixed Mobile


Summary dashboard
Operational Reporting
Rich reporting environment
Over 50 report templates
Summary dashboard
Operational reporting

AirLink Operating System Supported

AirLink OS

AirLink® Management Service (ALMS)

Managing remote assets and infrastructure is a demanding task.

You need to maintain multiple device configurations, update device software, and remotely diagnose reported issues.

AirLink Management Service (ALMS) is the industry’s leading network management solution for AirLink gateways and routers and gateways*. This highly advanced application supports over-the-air device registration, configuration and software updates. Configurable dashboards display up-to-date views of the entire fleet, and custom reports can be set up to monitor critical events and prevent downtime.

The interactive monitoring dashboard and map shows the status, signal information, and location of all AirLink gateways¹ deployed. Drill down to quickly troubleshoot devices or update older versions of firmware with one-click. Advanced heartbeat reporting and custom alerts can be set up to notify you when devices go offline, resulting in faster issue identification, less downtime, and fewer field trips.

*For MG90, please see AMM
Single Pane of Glass for Connectivity and Device Management
  • Manage both Sierra Wireless connectivity and devices from a single interface
  • Activate SIM cards and manage rate plans
  • Register devices for AirLink Complete
Powerful Monitoring
  • Identify problems with interactive dashboards
  • Set alerts on critical events to prevent downtime
  • Supported by AirVantage APIs.
Software Updates
  • Update device firmware and application software
  • Manage firmware upgrade campaigns with automatic retry capabilities and reporting of results
  • Lower airtime costs with delta patch mechanism
Scale Deployments
  • Customizable workflows provide powerful deployment configuration capabilities
  • Centralize configuration with templates
  • Manage inventory of devices and subscriptions
  • Reduce deployment times with CSV file upload

Advanced Mobility Reporting (ALMS Add On) 

Advanced Mobility Reporting (AMR), formerly Advanced Reporting and Analytics (ARA), is an optional add on component that provides advanced historical reporting through a series of pre-defined reports that provide insight into the range of telemetry data that is reported to ALMS by AirLink gateways and routers. AMR includes geofencing capabilities to help refine the reporting capabilities and supports receiving much more granular data from the AirLink devices than is available in ALMS. The reporting features are available at an additional monthly cost for all ALMS users.

Advanced Mobility Reporting Features
Historical Reporting Vehicle telemetry reports leverage the ability to collect vehicle information by connecting your AirLink devices to the vehicle diagnostic port.
GPS Tracks and Zones (Geofencing) Upload KML files or create Zones in the ALMS UI that define geographic areas for your territory
Use Zones to limit report results (Include and Exclude) during report generation
Extended Reporting Frequency Stream data (e.g. GPS data) to ALMS on an as-needed basis
Extended Data Retention Data retention of up to 12 months. (Versus 3 months for ALMS alone)
Unlimited User Accounts ALMS User Accounts
ALMS Administrator Accounts

Advanced Mobility Reporting: List of Reports

  • Driver Behavior
  • Vehicle Reporting
  • Vehicle Utilization
  • Engine Fault Summary
  • Trips Reports
  • Odometer
  • Seat Belt
  • Trip Replay
  • Coverage Map
  • Coverage Trail

ALMS ARA - Trip Report Map
Trip Report

ALMS ARA - Driver Behaviour Map
Driver Behaviour Report

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