AirVantage: Google Cloud Platform Connector

The Sierra Wireless AirVantage is now connected to the Google Cloud Platform. This makes it easy to enrich your user experience by adding real-time remote data to applications running on the Google Cloud Platform.

How does it work?

AirVantage simplifies collecting data from remote machines and making it available to IoT applications. The Google Cloud Platform Connector makes all of the data collected by AirVantage available to services of the Google Cloud Platform.

Specifically, data is connected via the Google Cloud Pub/Sub service. Google Cloud Pub/Sub is reliable, many-to-many, asynchronous messaging hosted on Google's infrastructure.

Once connected to the Google Cloud Platform, your IoT data can be used by a number of the services available from Google to build simple websites to complex IoT applications.


Getting Started

If you already have an application hosted on the Google Cloud Platform, you can get started with the AirVantage by signing up for a free AirVantage developer account.

Get AirVantage Dev Account

You can now follow the simple 3-step procedure to connect device data from to your application on the Google Cloud Platform:

Step 1: Setup a Google Console Project and activate the Pub/Sub API on the Google Cloud Platform. Get instructions here.

Step 2: Create your Pub/Sub topic and authorize AirVantage to access to your topic by using Identity & Access Management on the Google Cloud Platform. Thus, no password is supplied to AirVantage.

Step 3: Declare your topic in AirVantage.

Check out how to setup your Google Pub/Sub connector

GCP users: Why use AirVantage to collect device data?

Easy to integrate: AirVantage publishes the real-time raw data, operations status, alerts in your topic using a simple JSON format (see document about JSON format)

Secure: AirVantage does not store any passwords it uses IAM authentication. Moreover, messages are sent using https.

Robust: The connector is optimized to handle high-volume messages (retry mechanism, bulk send). You can easily operate and scale your application.

Full control: You have full control over your topic: you can stop the topic or revoke AirVantage’s access to your topic at any time from the Google Cloud Platform.

Example: Real-time fleet monitoring application

A demo application using the Google Cloud Platform connector has been developed by Google’s partner, Agosto. In this demo, individual vehicle data is acquired by Sierra Wireless hardware and AirVantage then pushed continuously to the Google Cloud Platform using the connector. The data is then consumed by a set of applications which generate real-time alerting and consolidated data analytics for a fleet manager. For Example:

Real-time alerting of individual vehicle health and route deviation (e.g. HazMat routing)
  • Geo-fencing or Geo-routing  - Generate immediate alerting based on deviation from HazMat route.
  • Tire-pressure monitoring – Alerting based on tire pressure warning levels
  • Engine Issue – check engine light alerting
Fleet Monitoring and trend analysis
  • Fuel Consumption monitoring across fleet.
  • Speed Averaging across fleet/staff.
  • Vehicle predictive maintenance.