A Better Cellular IoT Pricing Model​

Octave™ brings economic simplicity and predictability to cellular IoT with the industry’s first message-based pricing model​.

  • Platform subscription covers full access to the global cellular network, development tools, cloud APIs, and all overhead traffic, including over-the-air software updates​
  • Message-based pricing means you only pay for the data you need, when you need it​
  • Tools to model your solution cost, so you can develop and validate your business model with confidence
Get Started

Octave's progressive pricing makes it simple to go from prototype to deployment.

Developer Mode Platform Fee 1000 Messages
A $5 $1 $1
B $10 $2 $2
C Not available $10 $10

How does it work?

Included in Platform Subscription

  • Connection to global LPWAN and 2G cellular network
  • Device and connectivity management, including monitoring, alerting, and configuration​
  • Ongoing security patches, including cellular data needed for over-the-air software updates of Octave edge devices​
  • Unlimited use of APIs and graphical development tools​
  • Pay only for devices registered to your account, add or delete them at any time


  • Messages are secured transmissions of data from a device to the cloud or vice-versa​
  • Octave gives you control over the timing, content, and priority of your messages – so you only send the data you need, when you need it​
  • A message payload contains up to 20 datapoints. A datapoint can be a sensor reading, machine parameter, or any other important piece of data from your connected asset
  • Unlike other systems, we don’t charge you for overhead data - such as device health, location, and security handshakes. You pay only for the data that you need to deliver your insights​
  • Messages are pooled across all your devices. You are billed for the total number of messages sent per month

Developer Mode

  • When you are prototyping with Octave, you’ll want to make frequent updates, changes, and tweaks to your data model​ 
  • Developer mode maintains a secure connection from edge to cloud, so your changes are synched instantly​ 
  • Once you’re ready, just turn off developer mode to get deployment scale pricing 


  • Gather your entire global deployment on a single invoice
  • Devices in your deployment are automatically assigned to one of three pricing regions, depending on where in the world they are located​ 
  • Region A – which covers the USA, Canada, Europe, and much of Asia - has the lowest price bracket​ 
  • No more haggling with multiple network operators and committing long term subscriptions to get the best price, it just happens automatically
Example Pricing

Example Pricing

You want to set up a connected water monitoring system. You’ve got 500 solar powered telemetry systems that monitor groundwater level and acidity (pH). Let’s figure out what your monthly budget should look like.

You set up your Octave edge device to monitor (1) groundwater level, (2) acidity, and (3) the battery level of the system giving you 3 datapoints. You want to log these datapoints every hour but don’t need real-time updates - you’re happy to get a report every 6 hours. With Octave, that would equate to sending one message every 6 hours or 4 messages per day.

However, you also want to get an immediate notification when any of these parameters change by more than 20% in a single hour. No problem, just set up an alert that gets sent as a message immediately. You expect this to happen on average 100 times per month for the entire system.

To add to the complexity, there’s been heavy rains in one area that could result in potential flooding. You have 10 systems in that area, and now want real-time updates every hour from those systems.

No problem. With Octave, a simple push of a new Blueprint can update the observation engine to route the groundwater level, pH, and battery measurements to the cloud every hour. Your new monthly budget for those 10 systems goes up because you are sending data more frequently. Of course, you can change it back to the normal transmission rate as soon as the flood risk decreases.

Monitoring (low frequency) Flood Warning (high frequency)

Deployment Size

500 10

Platform Subscription

500 x $1 = $500/month 10 x $1 = $10/month


     Groundwater Monitoring

4 msgs / day x 30 days x 500 devices = 60,000 msgs / month 24 msgs / day x 30 days x 10 devices = 7,200 msgs / month


100 msgs / month


60,100 msgs / month 7,200 msgs / month


$560.10 / month
$1.12 / system / month
$13.44 / system / year
$17.20 / month
$1.72 / system / month
$20.64 / system / year