Octave Edge Devices

Octave is powered by Ready-to-Connect devices from Sierra Wireless. With these devices you can get your prototype working the way you want, and then rapidly move to a production environment with hardware that’s already certified and connected, without changing anything in your design or edge architecture.

Open Source IoT Hardware Platform


Octave works with mangOH Red WP7702 and mangOH Yellow with global coverage. mangOH is a family of open source hardware platforms for the Internet of Things, that turns your ideas into commercial products quickly, delivering 90% of your prototype right out-of-the-box. Loaded with onboard sensors designed to work with Octave, you can easily configure mangOH with the onboard GPIO to extend your prototype.

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IoT Gateway


Octave’s Ready-to-Connect FX30 gateway is an industry leading, small, rugged and programmable cellular gateway. The FX30 enables swift, scalable and global deployments of IoT applications for any connected machine.

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Embedded Module

AirPrime WP7702

Octave runs on the AirPrime WP7702 Module which, utilizing a Qualcomm Technologies modem, provides a new low-cost, low-power technology for IoT applications with extended reach beyond traditional cellular.

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