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Need to connect an Industrial asset through Serial or Ethernet leveraging Industrial protocols (Modbus, CANOpen,...) and GPIOs?

Get your prototype working the way you want in few days. Rapidly move to a production deployment with hardware that’s pre-certified and already connected, without changing anything in your design or edge architecture.

Buy a FX30S to connect your asset over serial or a FX30 for Ethernet.

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Need to prototype a specific device integrating a WP module or simply discover Octave with ready-to-use prototyping board with sensors?

Turn your dedicated hardware design ideas into proof-of-concept right out-of-the-box.

Buy a mangOH® Yellow an open hardware platform with built-in sensors designed to work with Octave (accelerometer, gyroscope, gps location, pressure, humidty, air index quality, temperature, light sensor), you can easily configure mangOH® with the onboard GPIO to extend your POC.

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