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Here's What Companies Are Saying About Octave


Saft’s incubator used Octave to connect batteries in France, as well as in remote locations with extreme weather conditions, where it is challenging and costly to send maintenance teams. For instance, Octave enables Saft to remotely monitor its batteries in remote parts of Mongolia where the temperature can reach – 40°C. Octave is also used to connect Saft’s renewable energy storage batteries in Puerto Rico, and in Mayotte, an archipelago in the Indian Ocean.
Octave is a mature IoT solution that helped Saft’s incubator scale its IoT application quickly. Octave brings a lot of flexibility; not only does it make it much easier to get the data from our batteries, it also enables us to easily adjust the data we extract based on the multiple use cases we address.

Erwan Guillonneau
Embedded Software Engineer


Axibio, the Paris-based waste management company, was looking for a platform to remotely monitor Gaïaboxes – its proprietary biowaste collectors installed in residential areas across France. Octave connected these Gaïaboxes from the edge to the cloud, creating a flexible link between Axibio’s biowaste collectors on the field and its web applications. With Octave, Axibio can not only monitor and control its biowaste collectors, but can also, at any time, change what data it collects and how often it collects it, by easily making real-time changes to the edge.
Without Octave, it would have taken two more years to complete our IoT project.”

Pierre-André Galy
CEO and Co-Founder

Axibio, we are a young company. We design connected equipment and IoT infrastructures for the collection, treatment, and recovery of bio-waste. In Europe, we have a strong regulation and that regulation requires catering and food professionals and very soon municipalities to implement a separate collection for bio-waste. In order to send it to biogas or composting you need to produce energy and organic fertilizers.  You have to know that in one metric ton of bio-waste you have the energetic equivalent to travel more than a thousand kilometers by car.  On top of that you produce organic fertilizers roughly between 800 and 900 kilos of bio-waste, so it’s a resource, it’s not a garbage. 

We started to work with Sierra Wireless when we launched our first product. This first product was designed for professionals. At that moment we needed a simple solution to collect data and to send it to the cloud. We also have a solution for municipalities which have to implement the separate collection of bio-wastes.  

The Gaïabox is a street container where people come to drop off their bio-waste. That weight is converted into points that can be redeemed for bus tickets, swimming pool tickets, or other advantages. What I specifically needed for that solution to install the drop off containers was to orchestrate the data. We have a lot of functions and that equipment and access control to authorize people to drop their waste. To scale, we need to collect data and to have a remote comment on all of those functions. Developing that solution without Octave would have been very difficult. I think it would have taken two more years to put it on the market.  

Our first customer is a city in Brittany in western France. Axibio has also other municipalities around that first city which are interested in purchasing the solutions.  Octave can help us to scale up the project. Once we have made the first proof of concept in France we have the global IoT infrastructures to implement it worldwide. I consider that the project is a success.

New Boundary Technologies Inc.

New Boundary Technologies provides IoT cloud applications for equipment manufacturers, distributors, and system integrators. Using Octave, New Boundary Technologies was able to build IoT applications at a small fraction of the time and cost traditionally associated with IoT projects. The company also saw a massive advantage in leveraging Octave’s unique pricing model, which is based on a cost per message structure, with cellular networks around the world.
Octave makes the cost of cellular connectivity very, very predictable.

Kim Pearson

New Boundary Technologies provides IoT cloud applications for equipment manufacturers, distributors and system integrators in water and energy, oil and gas, environmental monitoring, agriculture, and smart equipment and industrial processes.

We began working with Sierra Wireless back in February. We chose to start working with them because of Octave and how it’s going make connecting devices from the edge to the internet so much easier than is typical today. Companies don’t typically have the technical expertise to be able to get the programming done on edge devices to get information to the internet. Octave made collecting the data from the devices very easy in our lab when we hooked up a number sensors, getting the information up to the internet was just two hours. A key part of Octave is being able to reduce what the cost of development is in IoT products it will be a hundred thousand to quarter of a million dollars or Euros. With Octave on the off-the-shelf devices, when you can do it in a day the cost is negligible. The other key part that Octave is providing is the connectivity plans across carriers around the world at a predictable cost. So with a cost per message structure that makes the cost of what the cellular connectivity is very predictable.   

We’re very excited with Octave to recommend to our customers to be able to remove that pain point that we know they experience.


BM COM, a Prague-based systems integrator (SI), focuses on IoT applications such as visualization, augmented reality and analytics. Octave helped BM COM speed up its IoT application’s time-to-market by eliminating technical complexities typically associated with IoT projects. In Octave, BM COM found a unique solution that provided it with the edge-to-cloud infrastructure and data orchestration capabilities that are critical to building and scaling IoT applications.

With Octave, it took virtually minutes to integrate the hardware and sensors into the cloud.

David Mansfeld
Managing Partner

BM Communications is a systems integrator based in the Czech Republic, Prague.We focus on three areas: programming, consultation, and the sub-device management and building of IoT applications, such as visualization augmented reality, analytics and so on.   

We started to work with Sierra Wireless eight years ago where we focused on selling modules but soon we realized it’s not exactly our field. So we stopped for a while and then later on we renewed our cooperation when Octave came into the space. Octave really helped us to simplify the project itself and also helped us reduce time to market, not only proof of concept but since we are working with the centers and hardware it always takes a certain time to integrate and to work with these systems without Octave. So when having Octave in place, this is actually something fantastic for us because we already have the parts taken care of by Octave and we can really focus on working with the data. Octave is unique in taking care of the whole process from the edge device, to the data, to the cloud. We believe and we see this as a quite unique proposition on the market because we don’t really know of any other solution that would have all this together. What Octave helped us overcome was really the part of integrating all the different sensors and hardware into the cloud. Thanks to Octave, it was a very fast smooth process that took virtually minutes because the first time we plugged in the sensors and the hardware we immediately were able to receive data from Octave platform. From this perspective, this is something we have never seen on the market. We were amazed by that and that’s the reason why we chose Sierra and Octave to work with.


Lixar is an AI and data services company based in Canada. Using Octave, Lixar was able to unlock its clients’ data, which was otherwise sitting idle on legacy systems, and bring it to the cloud. By accelerating the data acquisition process, Lixar was able to jumpstart its customers’ journey and quickly demonstrate the value of its own technologies and services.
We want to get to the data fast. Octave helps us fast forward the customer’s journey.

George Logaras
Director, Strategic Partnerships

Lixar is a premier data in AI services company based in Canada.  The challenges most of our customers are facing is this consolidation of data and getting it to the cloud. A lot of our customers come to us and say, “oh my god we have so much data it’s going to be so powerful”, and then we’re like, “okay where it where’s all this gold this data that you have?” It’s sitting on you know these legacy systems, it’s sitting idle and what you need to be able to do is get that data out into a modern infrastructure. This is what the Octave platform actually powers you to do, quickly and simply, it is an easy business model actually. Working with Sierra Wireless technology helps us achieve the objective of really fast forwarding the customers journey to the cloud. A lot of time there’s hesitation, it’s a big initiative or it’s complicated, the Sierra Wireless Octave solution is going to simplify that for us and that’s why it’s important to company like Lixar. We want to get to the data fast, the faster the journey is the faster we can add our services. We can help them build some meaningful insights with some modern tools and get to the data science which is the real power of the services that we offer.

When we first heard about the Octave solution from Sierra Wireless, the thought that came into our minds was oh my genius, they’ve been in the market for 20 years as a connectivity partner. Routing data for years, a trusted partner in the ecosystem and you know their customers must be thinking how do I get the stages of the cloud and what they’ve done they stepped in and helped them to that journey of migrating that data to the cloud from the same trusted partner that they’ve had for 20 years. I think that’s pure genius.

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