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IoT Connected Public Transit Systems


How Shared Mobile Broadband Communications Can Improve the Transit Customer Experience

Learn how a single platform can provide mobile broadband connectivity that is easier and more cost-effective to manage, while offering the flexibility to support new features as needed.


Transit authorities and light railway operators are using the Internet of Things (IoT) to deploy applications that connect vehicles with transit operations, improve the onboard commuting experience, and evolve to an multi-modal transport model. By connecting public transit fleets with wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions, operators can:
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Efficient transportation

Provide more efficient transportation services through real-time fare payment, improved schedule management, and optimized fuel consumption

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Better ride experience

Offer commuters a better ride experience with mobile WiFi to access the Internet, the latest travel information, and online ticketing services

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Increase loyalty

Increase customer loyalty by leveraging usage data – such as ticketing, travel information, web browsing – to create new services or offers

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Generate revenue

Generate additional revenues through digital advertising in stations, coaches and vehicles

Fortunately, public cellular networks are ideal in such scenarios. When transit authorities connect applications to cellular networks via the latest LTE technologies, they can support multiple commercial and professional services as well as provide customers with WiFi bandwidth speeds comparable to what they have at home. 

Whether you’re in the initial stages of bringing your transit assets into the IoT or integrating public and private transport options build an multi-modal network, talk to Semtech. We have market-leading products that meet the transit industry’s demanding requirements and proven expertise in helping transit organizations around the world build innovative services that utilize the IoT.

Customer Story

Icomera Incorporates our Modules to Improve Vehicle Gateway Communication System

Utah Transit Authority Improves Operations and the Passenger Experience for 2 million residents


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Smarter public transit requires connecting vehicles, infrastructure, and systems into the internet of things (IoT). We have the solutions and expertise to help you with issues such as:
  • How can IoT-enabled transit provide quick ROI?
  • What do I need to develop an end-to-end platform for multi-modal transit?
  • How can I manage a large network of connected vehicles?

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Semtech (formerly Sierra Wireless) has more than a decade of experience helping transit organizations capitalize on the IoT. From embedded modules and rugged gateways that support mission-critical operations, to cloud platforms, expert services and more, we provide a complete device-to-cloud solution. We can help your transit organizations build a new generation of IoT-powered transit solutions and bring them to market faster. 


Technology Overview

Semtech has been helping public transit and light rail customers build efficient, highly reliable intelligent M2M transit solutions for many years. Our embedded modules and gateways are designed for long product lives, even in harsh environments. And our longstanding relationships with leading wireless carriers help accelerate network certification and integration in cellular networks worldwide. 

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